cottage chees

Sometimes the simplest solutions work the best. When it comes to staying healthy and losing fat there are many simple but effective solutions that are passed over yet when added together are powerfully effective.

Because our daily habits and lifestyle actually dictate our health or lack of it, it’s all those daily habits that need examining.

Some of these habits we’ve never been taught to pay attention to so we’ve been repeating certain habits that are actually working against all our efforts to keep our weight in check and our bodies healthy.

In this article I am going to share some of the top secret coaching tips that only highly advanced personal trainers and nutritionists know, which can help you reach a brand new level of success—a success that you likely never thought was possible and that you need to know if you want to achieve long-lasting weight loss success and then move forward into easy body weight maintenance.

Try using these nutrition tips and techniques to prime yourself for success.

  • Put Your Fork Down Between Bites – Seems simple enough, but how many of us have been taught to do that? Truth is, rushing through the eating process is one of the main reasons that people overeat. They start a meal so hungry that they scarf down their food without hardly stopping to breath. All this does is cause them to eat more than they should as they begin dishing up seconds before their bodies even have time to register what’s been eaten Take the time to put your fork down between bites. This is going to allow your brain time to process that you are in fact getting full and should stop eating soon. Plus, it’ll allow you more time to enjoy your meals as well.
  • Drink More Water – Most people are dehydrated to some degree or another. Even with all the focus on drinking water, many people still live in a state of partial dehydration. They become thirsty, tired and turn to food to try and help bring them out of that situation. It’s not food that’s needed. It’s water – pure water that not only hydrates but helps to cleanse the body. If you are trying to lose fat, you’ll lose it much faster if you aim at drinking at least 8 full glasses of water daily. Other beverages…even if they are made with water do not count in this equation, only 100 percent water does the job. You can add a wedge of lemon or lime or even orange to flavor it and make it more palatable and interesting if needed. Even slight dehydration can cause your metabolism to be sluggish and this, in turn, slows down the fat loss.
  • Eat Cottage Cheese Before Bed – This is one terrific option that you can serve yourself before bedtime. It is high protein dairy products that contain a certain form of a protein called casein, which digests more slowly in the body ensuring you get a steady release of amino acids over time. It will also provide you with a healthy dose of calcium to help foster stronger bones. Those that consume lower fat dairy products tend to lose total abdominal fat over time compared to those that shun dairy. If you are put off by the taste of cottage cheese, try adding a bit of natural peanut butter or fresh fruit to liven up the taste.
  • Go Gluten Free – More and more people are starting to go gluten-free even if they are not sensitive to it. Gluten-containing foods have been proven to be the root cause of a number of diseases especially those that are autoimmune or inflammatory in nature. Going gluten-free will not necessarily help you see better success with weight loss but you’ll think clearer and experience less bloating and other gastrointestinal issues. You’ll also sleep better and recover from workouts faster.
  • Ditch the Condiments for Fresh Herbs – Nearly all condiments are high in calories. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce all quickly lead to weight gain if they are used often enough. Instead of condiments try fresh herbs in your cooking. They add great flavor to any dish, don’t contain calories and offer health benefits to your body. Some spices serve as antioxidants that help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and combat inflammation and the list goes on. In fact, some herbs are just as health-promoting as vegetables are and with such a wide variety to choose from your choices will be endless.

Those who take time to use the right approach and take time to get their body ready for maximum fat burning are the ones that see far greater success and even enjoy the process while they are at it.

For a more extensive list of “secret techniques check out: “The Fat Loss Coaches Pocketbook – 99 Secrets Your Clients Would Kill to Know.”