Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult. What and where is this special motivation needed to get out of bed and out the door to your workouts?

If you’re waiting to wake someday with an intense desire to exercise you will likely be waiting a long time.

Motivation doesn’t just happen and isn’t something anyone can give us. It’s something we create for ourselves, something we build and strengthen not something we wait for.

Physical fitness is the result of actions taken. And, there is the biggest clue to succeeding with our fitness goals. Action.

Thinking, envisioning and meditating on our fitness goals helps and is a great start but it’s only half the equation. “Fitness” is still in the intangible world of imagination and not yet in the world of form.

Action is what brings vision into manifestation – from the world of “imagination” into the world of form. Thoughts are the idea, imagination is the blueprint and action moves the energy needed and molds it into tangible form.

The Power of Momentum –

When thoughts meet action momentum rises up to meet you.

What initially seemed like an impossible task, picks up steam/momentum as it builds on its own energy of action. Like a bank account, it compounds what’s put in, multiplying energy output.

Momentum is the result of taking action.

Just as an avalanche builds on itself as it roars down the mountain so too does momentum. Pairing actions with momentum is the most efficient way to use energy towards accomplishing any goal and making things easier an easier.

Success at reaching our goals is not about how hard we work at something one day or even one session. It’s about how hard we perform day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Consistent and Persistent –

Consistent and persistent effort/action is key – building on each success experienced and using that energy to grow it bigger.

Keeping our momentum engine running takes focused effort. Energy input is what fuels momentum and energy input comes from actions taken.

Blockages happen along the way causing a loss of momentum. A short pause might work, but stopping/pausing too long can cause us to lose our momentum completely. If we do, we’ll have to start from scratch and rev the engine up to build momentum all over again.

Starting and stopping our momentum wears us down because starting is the hardest part and to continually be in “starting over” mode depletes our energy and sets us up for failure.

The most efficient way to achieve any goal is to befriend momentum and make use of the compound interest it offers as it picks up speed and direction. By keeping the flow moving, momentum does the hard work the same way money works drawing interest for us when invested.

Keep the Tap Running –

Momentum is one of the most effective tools we can engage to help us reach any goal in life. Our health, our fitness and our happiness are no exceptions.

We need to keep our tap turned on with consistent, persistent action.

It’s much harder to stop the train and start it again then it is to keep it rolling.

Discipline yourself daily and put your share of energy into the equation by taking any action steps required to reach your fitness goals (such as going to the gym or working out at home) and watch as momentum kicks in and makes things easier and easier to accomplish and more enjoyable to do so.

Whether our goals fall into the business, personal, relationship, health and or fitness arena doesn’t matter. Cashing in on momentum gives us that extra boost of energy needed to cross the finish line.

It’s time to take command of your life …

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you do just that…

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