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Unfortunately there is not one single food that can protect you from disease because health is a product of your lifestyle habits and your genes.

In other words, no degree of healthy eating will combat that smoking habit of yours.

If achieving true lasting health important to you then the first thing you must examine is your lifestyle habits and change any that are severely damaging your health…such as smoking.

However, there are super-foods that you can consume that contribute to your health and longevity in a big manner, beyond the norm.

Green tea is one of those super-foods.

According to research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine/Mount Sinai Hospital, Christoperh Ochner, PhD – green tea is the healthiest thing you can drink.

What’s so special about green tea that sets it apart from other teas and drinks?

It’s all about the catchin content. Catchins are warrior antioxidants. They fight and prevent cell damage and green tea is rich with these because it is not processed much before reaching your cup.

Other benefits that green tea provides:

Improved Blood Flow – Green tea has been found to prevent issues related to high blood pressure to congestive heart failure and other heart related issues.

Lowers Cholesterol – The catechins that green tea contains helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Brain Food – Green tea drinkers report an increase in the working –memory area of their brains.

Decreased Plaque Formation  Green tea is able to block the formation of plaques that are directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Stable Blood Sugar – Green tea should be a staple to those with diabetes as it helps to keep blood sugar stable.

Increased Fat Burning – Green tea boosts the metabolic rate burning fat faster.

Although green tea cannot make you lose weight directly or melt pounds off, the exchange of high calorie sugary drinks for green tea eliminates a ton of useless calories and in the end, added pounds.  Simply substituting 1-2 cups of green tea for that can of soda you would normally reach for results in a 50,000 calorie savings over one year – or over 15 pounds! (As long as you are not lacing your green tea with honey or sugar that would certainly up the calorie count.

Additionally, EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) – is an active ingredient in green tea that some believe can help you to drop a few pounds while others have not experienced that same effect.

Although in its early stages, green tea is also being studied for its impact on cancer – however even though there are clues that green tea may actually help destroy cancer cells the research is too young yet to rely on green tea as a preventive cancer measure.

Green tea not only has positive effects on your physical body, but because of the natural chemical called “theanine” found in it, it works to calm you, slow you down and relax you.

So, the next time you feel a bit stressed, pour yourself a cup of hot “green tea” (do not use boiling water –  it’s bad for the catechins. Better to use water that is around 160-170 degrees.)

Adding lemon to your green tea will actually make it easier to absorb those healthy chemical catechins. On the other hand, dairy will make it harder to absorb them.

One last thing about green tea – where you source it is important. If you choose to go with pre-canned or bottled green tea drinks you will receive less in the way of nutrient value.

Don’t be afraid to choose the pricier kinds and make it fresh yourself to receive the full benefits that this powerful super-food offers.

Green tea is just one of many foods that boosts your immune system and provides exceptional health and anti-aging benefits. For more of the same kind check out: “99 of the Best Foods and 10 of the Worst”

Remember, knowledge is power! Know the quality of the foods you eat before you eat then!