apple a dayWithout a doubt, the diet our ancestors enjoyed is a far cry from our modern day diet.

We are overfed and under nourished, consuming too many calories while providing little to no nutrient value to our bodies.

We falsely believe that an abundance of calories means an abundance of nutrients. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dangerous and Deadly Foods

Unlike our ancestors, who enjoyed a diet of fresh caught fish and meat along fresh fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient rich soil, our average modern diet is loaded with sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors, chemicals and unhealthy fats. Compound this with unhealthy food preparation (processing of food) and it’s no wonder that diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are rampant and skyrocketing at an alarming rate along with a spiked increase in obesity.

Processing, refining and adding villainous chemicals to food provide nothing in the way of increasing health. The only thing it profits is food manufacturers on the front end and those who treat disease caused by consuming processed, chemically laden, nutrient poor foods on the back-end.

While they enjoy their profit, you end up with empty calories, offering few if any nutrients a stressed immune system and an open door to disease that eventually destroys your health.
Doesn’t sound like a very fair exchange does it? Your health in exchange for profit in their pocket.

To make matters even worse, chemical additives and genetically modified “anti-nutrients” interfere with the body’s sensitive hunger signals. These are the signals that alert our body to how much energy it needs along with how much body fat it needs to create and store.

When our hunger signals and their processes get out of whack, it’s harder to recognize true hunger from “cravings” causing us to overeat and eat when we are not really hungry.

Truth is chemically laden food additives are making us hungry and causing us to lose touch with our natural body signals. Consuming too many empty empty calories only works to confuse and mess around with the delicate balance of our metabolism which results in packing on the pounds.

The Good News

The good news in all this is ultimately you are the one in control and on-going research has proven that lifestyle more than anything dictates the state of our health. What we include in our diets on a daily basis is directly related to the health we are experiencing, period.

You must be pro-active in your life. You may not be able to avoid every chemical or additive but the more aware you are of what you are consuming, the more you will take control and the better choices you’ll make.

Clean and simple are the keywords to a healthy diet. Foods closest to their natural state (free of unnatural additives such as trans-fats, artificial ingredients, and hydrogenated fats) is the fuel your body craves and the fuel that runs your body at peak performance (assuming you are also getting the right amount of proper exercise).

Our diets need to be rich in proteins, grass fed meats, fresh ocean seafood, colorful vegetables, juicy and food plateflavorful fruits, whole grains and free range poultry and eggs…foods you don’t generally find in the middle aisles of your super market.

Try sticking to the perimeter of your favorite market as much as possible and avoid the center aisles whenever you can. That’s usually where you’ll find all the temptations, the fancy packaged, processed foods.

Remember, if your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to drive its engine properly, it’s going to keep asking for more food.

It’s an endless cycle of false hunger, unhealthy food cravings, eating more…especially of the wrong foods, getting fatter, not feeling satisfied and starting it all over again.

It’s not more food your body is craving…its quality, fresh, nutrient dense food it’s craving.

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