Seem to be stuck at a weight plateau you can’t get past? Frustrated with dieting? You’re not alone.

The body is a survival machine. It doesn’t take dieting “starvation” lightly. The body only cares about one thing – it is focused on getting the nutrients required to keep it healthy and strong. That’s its job.

To the body, dieting and starvation are one and the same thing and it reacts by setting up its own barriers and defenses and working very hard to make fat loss nearly impossible.

If you are one of millions worldwide that have been on repeated diets, you’ve likely done a very good job of teaching your body how to store and hold on to fat.

It seems cells are able to activate their own defenses capable of creating a body that is a “fat storing machine” (the exact opposite of what you want) rather than a body that “burns fat.” So, when you starve your cells it registers as a threat which then activates certain genes in such a way as to defend your stored body fat.

In the end, your body actually becomes better at storing fat when you starve it.

This frustrating but common problem is called “weight loss resistance” because you are working against your body and resisting what the body is trying to do.

However, you eventually discover this is one battle you can never win, at least long-term. So far, only one defensive cell mechanism has been found – however, there are many more undiscovered ones built into our body’s cells that make going on a diet a very ineffective way to lose body fat for the long run. Eventually, this battle becomes a war as motivation turns to frustration.

It’s a shame that the same old and tired formula for weight loss “calories consumed minus calories burned determine if weight is lost or gained” still gets so much attention from “weight loss gurus.” It simply does not solve the issue of weight loss resistance.

In reality, the real solution to counter a weight-loss resistant body is not about another diet or cutting calories or even adopting more exercise to try and burn more calories than you consume.

It’s all about the hormones. Your body becomes “resistant to weight loss” when you send it the wrong messages and it is the body’s hormones, not calories that are the main players in that show.

For example:

If you are eating 1200 calories daily of the wrong types of foods such as sugars and grains, you are messing with your fat storing and fat burning hormone levels. Cortisol and insulin are two major hormones that send signals to your body to turn on the “store fat” switch regardless of the amount of calories consumed.

What this amounts to is that you cannot simply starve away excess body fat because your cells go into “warrior mode.” You must get deliberate with your eating and diet in such a way that the body gets everything it needs to create a high level of health so it can re-balance its fat burning/fat storing hormones. It needs to go from a low energy state to a high energy state – only then will the weight begin to come off.

Burning off fat and keeping excess weight off is about creating an environment of abundance while at the same time creating an environment where being strong and lean would be a survival advantage as well. This means more of everything, more healthy food, more proper exercise (challenging muscle building and maintaining), more strength, more fitness, greater fat burning and more energy and vitality.

This is the exact opposite to the “weight loss resistant body” where less is the norm – less food, less physical activity, less strength, less fitness, less energy and vitality and less fat loss.

Although there are numerous causes that lead to a weight loss resistant body, regardless of the initial or on-going reason, the solution to combat this condition always begins with the nourishment of the body and its cells and tissues so that hormones are balanced and metabolic healing can occur.

Once your fat burning/fat storing hormones are rebalanced the natural side effect of this is your excess fat will just melt away. It will be easy to maintain your ideal body weight without effort or struggle.

Truth is, you don’t get fat from eating too much but from eating the wrong types of fats and carbohydrates. Becoming and staying overweight is actually a symptom of eating an improper diet that is not natural to our chemistry and biology – one that relies on chemically laden foods. 

Well, it’s time to put behind you the approaches to weight loss that have not worked for you despite the repeated attempts.
Simply put, to BREAK THE CYCLE of weight loss resistance you are going to have to try something NEW.

Stop Weight Loss Resistance can help you do just that…

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