In our modern inactive sedentary world (with our increasing reliance on processed low quality food that promotes poor health and sickness) there has never been so much undeniable proof from science research to back up and support what most of us have always known to be true.

That proper physical exercise and healthy eating are vital components of a strong, active, vibrant, healthy and long life-span.

When we take the time and effort to ensure that the habits that make up our lifestyle include regular proper exercise and few, if any, processed ‘dead’ ‘non-nutrient’ foods as possible our wellness ‘bank account’ will have a good healthy balance.

This is important. It gives us a good reserve when we get a cold or flu or if we are faced at some point in our life with a more serious health problem.

However, if we make choices that lead to a no exercise lifestyle, eat predominantly processed foods and believe that our health is not our problem then we have some work to do.

Many people are suffering the ill effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle – a waistline that keeps expanding; a decline in strength and fitness, loss of energy and a continual gain in body fat. All symptoms of ignoring what our muscles need most, what they were created for…to be actively used and challenged.

So, what’s up?

Our technology driven lifestyles are to blame as they channel the average person into living an ever increasing stressful but sedentary existence that offers little, if any, opportunity to be active during the day. Most of our jobs require nothing more than sitting for long periods each day, then we go home at night and sit again watching television rather than being active.

This places extreme stress on our bodies as they are designed and built for movement – vigorous regular physical activity – and they are not responding well to this reduced level of movement that many currently live by.

Unfortunately, there is a natural, slow process of muscular erosion from the mid 20’s on. We lose muscle and bone strength, followed by a downgrading of the rest of the human bodies systems and processes. Challenging physical exercise is the only thing that can fix this.

It’s scary to think that staggering statistics reveal that fifty percent of us suffer from at least one health issue and many people suffer multiple conditions.

We must face reality and quit fooling ourselves. Each of us is personally responsible for our own conditions. We must chart our own course addressing our own health and we should be firmly in the driver’s seat taking responsibility for two basic human needs.

The first one is an intentional proper strength training program to put the brakes on muscle tissue and bone loss that causes deterioration and decay of all body systems and sets the stage for a “chronic lifestyle disease.” Just 2-3 sessions each week are required to keep ourselves strong and boost our immune systems.

Secondly, we need to get rid of as much processed convenience food as possible and go back to preparing and cooking our food from scratch so we avoid the chemicals and additives they sneak in that mess up our metabolisms, making us fat and sick.

It has long been agreed by the experts that over 80 percent of what happens to us in the way of our health is totally within our own control. In other words, good health and wellness is not just an accident; it requires our active conscious participation.

In the end, the most serious thing that can happen to us is the loss of our precious health. It not only affects us personally but ultimately affects our family and loved ones.

Next time you’re trying to come up with an excuse not to exercise, try thinking of your self-help care as a gift to those that love you.

Fact is, our most-treasured asset is our health and it should never be relegated to the “back-burner.”

It’s time to take command of your life and avoid disease somewhere down the road. In order to do this, your muscles need to be in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times – starting now.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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