Get Rid of Body Fat and Reshape Your Body Into Something You Love

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We live in a society focused on appearance. We love beauty in all shapes and sizes and admire those whose bodies are lean, symmetrical and firm. Although it’s too easy to pass this off as “great genes” which in our thoughts releases us from any responsibility, we know in our hearts that it took hard [...]

2 Simple Metabolism Boosting Solutions

By |2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00December 25th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Metabolism, Proper Exercise, Self-Care, Weight Loss|

We all know of people who stay slim despite eating anything they want. What gives? It's because of their fast metabolism (the body’s engine). They burn more fuel (calories) not only when they are exercising but when they are sitting on the couch watching television or sleeping unlike those with slow metabolisms. Most of us [...]

Wellness is More Than Just the “Absence of Disease”

By |2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00November 26th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Proper Exercise, Self-Discipline, Wellness|

There’s a revolution in the air. Something powerful enough to change the path that mankind is taking. We are currently waking up to the fact that health is not just the “absence of disease” and our current health care system is nothing more than an “illness treatment system.” This sickness-based system does nothing towards promoting [...]

Fundamentals of a Great Workout Program

By |2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00November 10th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Proper Exercise, Weight Loss|

Ready to exercise? Taking time to learn the fundamentals of what makes a good workout program is critical to experiencing success on whatever program you choose. There are several ways you can go about structuring a workout protocol. The important thing is to choose what exercise program is right for you. One huge mistake that [...]

Honor Yourself When Choosing Your Fitness Plan

By |2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00November 5th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Happiness, Motivation to Exercise, Proper Exercise, Self-Care|

Health and fitness is not an “ones size fits all world.”  It's more of a "what feels good" to you world. In truth, it is way too easy to get excited over the fitness and weight loss results someone else experiences and jump on any old bandwagon. And, that's OK, for the moment.  However, just [...]

You Can Achieve a Priceless Lifetime Exercise Habit

By |2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00September 11th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Motivation to Exercise, Proper Exercise, Sedentary Lifestyles, Self-Discipline, Wellness, Youthfulness|

  PRIORITIES MATTER Today, there is a growing emphasis on looking good, feeling good, being well and living longer. None of these things can happen unless you get into better physical shape. Physical fitness is the key that opens the door. And a proven key to achieving these ideals is strength training exercise. It is one of [...]

Key Principles for Permanent Weight/Fat Loss

By |2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00August 28th, 2016|Metabolism, Motivation to Exercise, Proper Exercise, Weight Loss|

Trying to lose excess weight/fat but struggling to find the "working formula?" Long term success managing your weight starts with the right approach. Your goal should be to lose body fat without losing muscle tissue or sacrificing your health in the process. There are a few dynamic principles that you’ll need to adhere to in order [...]

5 Stages to Fitness Health Success…

By |2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00August 21st, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Life Success, Proper Exercise, Self-Care, Self-Discipline, Wellness|

Whenever you make major lifestyle changes, including adopting a new exercise or strength training program you’ll likely go through 5 stages before succeeding. Five Stages to Fitness Health: Pre-contemplation – As the title implies, at this stage, you are not yet contemplating or thinking about starting an exercise program or making any permanent lifestyle changes. [...]

Strength Training for Proper Posture

By |2017-10-09T15:57:41+00:00July 22nd, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Habit, Proper Exercise|

The strength of our skeletal, muscular health is important. It is the framework that holds us up and allows us to move around. It is foundation of our posture. Without it, our body would fail with muscle, joint or bone issues. Muscles grow weak when not used. This includes our all-important core muscles, including lower [...]

New Workout? Feeling the pain?

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  Because muscles go through intensive physical stress when we exercise, any type of strenuous physical activity will likely cause some sort of muscle soreness afterward. Normally felt after a new activity as a dull, aching pain with tenderness and stiffness in the muscle affected. There are two types of muscle soreness. Acute muscle soreness which [...]

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