Dangerous Visceral Fat


It’s no secret that being obese or overweight is one of the main drivers of many life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

A key to preventing disease is to keep our body composition…our muscle and fat ratio at a healthy level.

Most of us easily recognize when we gain subcutaneous fat, the kind found just under our skin. However, there is another more hidden type of fat that is not so obvious called visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat is easily noticeable. Love handles, big thighs and hips are not attractive on any body and the brunt of many jokes, but these are not the real health issue.

“Visceral fat” located inside of the body is the real “fat” problem. It’s often present but not noticeable like subcutaneous fat because this type of fat lies under our abdominal muscle.  It is, however, more dangerous than subcutaneous fat because it surrounds vital organs like our liver and heart hindering their proper function. This internal ‘hidden” fat can only be detected with body imaging such as an MRI scan.

“Apple shaped” people, those who carry excess body fat/visceral fat in their mid-section, have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and incur other health problems because of it.

And, being slim doesn’t excuse anyone. Even slim and normal weight people can have visceral fat.

Visceral fat is particularly dangerous because it changes the hormonal and chemical balance of the body. It is metabolically active and associated with higher levels of certain hormones, including estrogen, and higher insulin levels, which are linked to cancer.

It is also dangerous because it releases toxic chemicals that produce inflammatory molecules that enter the bloodstream. High inflammation levels in our body is never a good thing because it triggers a wide range of systemic diseases. These inflammatory changes also accelerate and promote the growth and division of cells allowing cancer an easier path to develop and take hold.

Muscle magic –

Only by increasing our muscular health can we change our body from a fat storing one that will threaten our health and possibly our life, to a fat burning machine.

Sadly, most people do not use their muscles today as they have been designed to be used. They simply do not get enough work in our adult life. The resulting problem is, weak, flabby muscles that cannot burn up the fuel/food we eat so it gets stored both on the outer and inner parts of our body.

Our metabolism is our body’s engine/motor and determines the rate our body burns fuel/calories.

The health and condition of our muscular system is the factor determining the speed at which our motor is running.

No matter what state our muscles are currently in, it is possible to recover the muscle tissue that has been lost and get our metabolic motor running faster than ever before so it can burn off dangerous belly fat.

Once our metabolic fat burning machine is kicked in, we can kiss those saggy, flabby fat pockets good-bye. Not only will we lose fat, but with our metabolic engine purring consistently, we’ll be able keep it off. Our appearance automatically changes for the better and becomes more youthful as our muscles firm up, get smoother, tighter and shapelier.

The right challenging exercise program combined with nutritious, healthy eating is the dynamic formula empowered to bring our body weight and fat back into healthy ranges. It lowers the levels of circulating cancer-promoting chemicals and hormones and decreases our risk of ever getting any dreaded, life-changing diseases like cancer.

It’s time to lead a higher quality of life beginning now…

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you do just that…

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