Exercising Choice and The Power of the Mind


Ever dreamed about being a super-hero endowed with super-natural powers?

You know, the kind of super-strength that saves lives in danger, becomes invisible in a flash, climbs tall buildings with ease, flies across mountain tops and miles of oceans or creates out of thin air exactly what is needed at the moment? Most of us do.

But, those are supernatural powers and the reality is, we are real people in the real world.

We may not be able to climb tall buildings or fly across mountains and oceans the same way our superheroes do…however, we do have a power greater than any supernatural power, it is the power of the mind.

The human mind is what separates and distinguishes us from any other being in the world and indicates that there is something very special about it.

It empowers us to mold our personality, to create our own destiny, to shape our future and determines exactly who and what we are.

Truth is, the power of our minds can make us more supreme, invincible and indestructible than any superhero ever was. It’s like a wild horse that once tamed and trained can make anyone a hero.

Unfortunately, for the most part, as humans, we tend to look outside of ourselves for the answers to our issues. We keep our lives and minds busy with nonsense to avoid looking inside for fear we won’t like what we find (we are just not comfortable exploring the unknown).

This causes us to make comparisons, evaluations and judgments against ourselves based on what the world thinks. These damaging comparisons can lead us to conclude and accept the fact that we are inferior to others. This is very destructive to healthy self-esteem.

The mind is empowered to reverse this type of destructive thinking. If the outside world says we are losers, we can employ the power of our minds to shift that destructive thought to “we are winners.” When the world says we can’t, our minds are empowered to say we can.

Many people wish their circumstances would change and improve but they are unwilling to improve themselves! They remain bound to their destructive thoughts and unhealthy habits when they just need to exercise “choice.”

Making Personal Choices –

“Choice” is where power lies.

Creating our ultimate destiny and living the life of our dreams is about becoming a master of our life. The first step towards accomplishing that is to master our thoughts. The results we achieve in life will be a direct reflection of the inner progress we have made. They are a direct reflection of our thoughts.

Thinking creates images in our minds and these images control our feelings, like happiness, sadness or joy. These feelings eventually express in our actions and actions are what create results.

We are what we think. Our minds generate both positive and negative thoughts and there is always conflict between them. Positive, opitimistic thoughts are ideas in the mind that bring confidence and focus. Thoughts such as “I am smart,” “I am healthy,” “I am strong and confident” all come to mind.

Simple “I can’s and I am’s” is the most direct way to cultivate positive thoughts in our minds. Expressing trust and focusing on those thoughts automatically draws success to us.

Negative thoughts draw the opposites. They cause us to be pessimistic or adopt an undesirable outlook on life. They include “don’t, can’t, what if, no and won’t” type of thoughts. These types of thoughts cause us to fail because our subconscious is working to produce actions that support these destructive, disempowering beliefs!

The mind weaves a powerful tapestry together – every bolt and nut in creation was put there through the power of the mind.

Everything we see without has been created from the laboratory of the mind.

Since our behavior is the result of the thoughts that precede it, we must quit trying to change our behavior. It’s not our behavior that needs working on, it’s the thoughts driving the behavior.

We can create our own destiny and love life by focusing on and making positive mindful decisions to become all that we are capable of, taking it one day at a time.

We must decide what road we are traveling down.

Are we giving our power away to others and traveling the road of complexity and mental confusion? Or, are we consciously in control of what manifests in our lives through the power of our conscious positive thinking?

The choice is ours as we adopt lifestyle habits that boost the power of positive thinking. Exercise is one of those. It not only produces strong muscles and helps with weight loss, but the hormone release we enjoy while exercising helps boost positive thinking/attitudes and our immune system. It builds self-confidence, and releases chemicals called endorphins producing positive feelings.

In the end, healthy people are happier people and happier people live longer, fuller, more active lives!

It’s your choice!

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After all, most things can only be made so simple before they just cannot be made to work at all!

– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

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