discipline now

“Habits begin like flimsy cobwebs at first and are strengthened day by day to become like unbreakable cables to shackle or strengthen our lives”.

For many, the word discipline is a dirty word. But, in reality, the opposite is true.

Self-discipline is the act of doing what you believe in your heart is best for you rather than how you feel at the moment.

This often requires sacrificing pleasure in the moment for what really matters…what really counts. It means choosing the option that will move you forward in a positive direction rather than making the choice that only sets you back more.

The key to becoming a self-disciplined individual is to first become aware of how undisciplined you are. Self-discipline requires self-analysis and that you can make a conscious decision to change and you cannot do this unless you are aware of what needs changing.

This awareness is mandatory to changing anything in your life. It is the first step in your transformation.

Once you become aware of your weak behavior issues you can set about to change them.

Self-discipline demands that you are in control of your energy at all times so that you can move past any negative self-talk that is trying to destroy your good intentions.

Self-discipline is oftentimes difficult, challenging and sometimes even emotionally painful. It requires courage to rise above any appetites, moods or passions that want to control our actions. These are all powerful forces…but self-discipline is the tool you use to overcome them.

Truth is, self-discipline requires you to be your own coach, mind and body.

Self-discipline is not an option when trying to shift your life from one of unhealthy bad habits to one that includes only healthy habits. Changing you eating patterns or sticking to your exercise routine will all require your strongest self-discipline and ability to not listen to the negative self-talk that is sure to surface.


Is your driving force behind any project long after the initial enthusiasm wears off.

Gets your butt into the gym when you really feel like lying on the couch and watching TV.

Helps you to rise earlier in the morning so you can accomplish more for yourself and get a good workout in.

Helps you stick to your diet when things are most tempting.

All the above requires self-discipline. Building strength and new muscles uses lots of energy. That energy is provided by proper food, quality sleep (mandatory) and rest between workouts so that your muscles grow.

Self-discipline is a tool that can be easily developed with consistent practice and self-observation. Try and keep any goals you set for yourself attainable…both short-term and long-term goals. Break down your goals into smaller steps…little mini-milestones. When you accomplish each one it will feed you more of the motivation you need to stay self-disciplined.

Lastly…remember, you are human. You will “fall off the horse” occasionally. It’s just our nature…we’re curious creatures. It’s not falling off the horse that will kill you…it’s not getting back on the horse that does.

That’s when strong developed self-discipline comes in handy. It will get you up and back on that horse right away…just where you need to be.

A wise quote by Napoleon Hill states:

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” No truer words have been spoken.

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