Exercise is one of the few activities you can do that is empowered to improve every aspect of your life, body and mind.

It can give strength to the weak, energy to the tired, health to the sick and youthfulness to the elderly.

With the stakes this high, every adult needs to understand and recognize how essential proper exercise is to their health. More importantly, beyond knowing this intellectually, they need to take steps to put it into action.

The truth is, although most people know the importance of proper exercise, many people still don’t make the commitment or set aside the time necessary to exercise regularly because they have not yet prioritized their life.

Our attitudes about health and wellness must shift and we must embrace a “can do” attitude and stop thinking of exercise as an option.


What could be more important that health? The first thing we must do is to conquer the habit of seeing proper exercise as an option and begin focusing on how it improves our lives especially in the second half of life when we must stimulate our hormones to continue working for us.

The good news about exercise is – it’s never too late to start. Even if you’re 40, 50, 60 or even older you can continue to improve your physical abilities for the remainder of your life. Truth is, you can be stronger in your fifties, sixties and even seventies than you were in your twenties or thirties.

The choices and actions you make on a daily basis in order to function at your best and ensure a disease –free future are what counts. Shifting your life by changing lifestyles and habits is never easy. It takes determination, tenacity and desire. But it’s much harder to endure joint replacement, open heart surgery or cancer treatment.

Remind yourself of this everyday –

“it’s far easier to keep your good healthy than to have to recover it after it is lost.”

Starting a new, active, healthier lifestyle is something you do for yourself. It’s the biggest investment you’ll make in your future and the only investment that will assure that your senior years are spent actively doing what you love to do rather than being at the mercy of a wheel-chair.

Its self-health care that regenerates the body and mind, rekindles the spirit and adds years to life and life to years. Your strength and fitness makes you a better person – spouse, parent, friend and co-worker. Take time to love yourself.

 Just a few hours weekly doing proper challenging exercise is the ultimate tonic for rejuvenating and revitalizing the whole body and your life.

Modern exercise programs containing strength training exercise can be performed easily in well under an hour by using big mufti-joint exercises and cardio interval training, strength and fitness can be improved in just a few weeks.

In fact, you can gain back 10-20 years of lost strength and fitness. Imagine your life with this new strength and energy to pursue hobbies, travel and even new careers.

Don’t live your life now so that doctors and drugs are needed to patch you together later. Make exercise the only prescription you’ll ever need.

Begin your journey today. It’s all there for you – just reach out and take it and make it yours.

If you truly want to take command of your life and avoid disease somewhere down the road – your muscles need to be in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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Isn’t it time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to stay healthy and fit long into your senior years?