Coronavirus is a wake-up call. You could argue we need them.

That is because our war with the environment is increasingly predisposing us to calamities of our own making. The current pandemic sweeping across the globe is unlikely to be the last of these.

COVID-19 is dishing out lessons for the world and offering warnings about our future.

This is the message of infectious disease and environmental health experts, and from those in planetary health – an emerging field connecting human health, civilisation and the natural systems on which they depend. For all of us to remain healthy our world and environment needs to remain healthy.

Perhaps the legacy of COVID-19 will be a drive to take action to invest in our own wellbeing by acknowledging that everything we do every single day in regards to our health and wellness matters, that we all have a choice in how we decide to live our lives.

Let us hope all the trauma the world now faces causes people begin to see the value of their health. This ought to be a commonsense priority, yet it typically is not.

Inspiration –

If you are looking for inspiration to make a change in your life, let this virus be your wakeup call.

Be inspired to make the decision to change your life for the better so you are better protected both in the short term and the long term.

Let’s face it, sickness happens…just as water flows through the area of least resistance so too does sickness flow to those with least resistance to it.

This new approach is about practicing one’s own disease prevention strategies, a practice that empowers us rather than strips us of our power.

This approach prescribes wellness through exercise, healthy eating, and pro-active living.

The truth is that Nature has evolved the human body to HEAL ITSELF.

Provided you have not disabled the pathways by practicing harmful lifestyle habits such as eating the wrong types of foods, eating too much food, and avoiding rather than embracing exercise, millions of years of optimized biochemical healing pathways guarantee that you can take care of yourself better than any doctor or health care plan. 

The body is an incredibly wise machine which uses energy efficiently.

The metabolic (energy-producing) engine in our body is our muscular system, and when we actively use our muscles an important message is conveyed to the entire body: “I am needed.”

Not using our muscles sends the opposite message – that they are not needed. This negative note begins their demise – the process of wasting away and taking disease resistance/immunity along with it.

It is important to give our body the activity it requires to stay well – consistent load bearing exercise.

When our brain receives these positive affirmative messages, they relay a“need” to our muscles… to maintain themselves.

When we provide our muscles with what they need to stay strong and healthy they reward us with physical power and greater protection from any health threat.

To assist your muscles in this endeavor, you should balance healthy eating with proper exercise. This may involve joining a gym for physical and mental strengthening exercise and getting yourself more active during the day as well.

Once we discover that we do indeed (for the most part) have control of the direction our health takes through preventive measures, we realize the power we wield to create a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being rather than one that destroys health, steals vitality and energy, and ultimately damages and shortens lifespans.

Making healthy lifestyle practices the routine, rather than the exception, is our best protection not only to this current health threat but to future ones that will surely come our way.

Personal preventive medicine is both a need and a responsibility and can be thought of as a new paradigm. When we eat, think, and live differently it reflects someone in control of their health. It is a practice aimed at proactive prevention. The alternative, which is reactive, and involves looking for a cure “after the fact” is rarely an effective approach to maintaining good health.

Repeat – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Each of us should be attempting to make a positive shift towards a brighter, more health-aware future.

We can lead a higher quality of life beginning now…

Take command of your life and spend your energy on something that contributes to your health!

“Wellness WakeUp Callcan help you do just that…

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