You Can Achieve a Priceless Lifetime Exercise Habit

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  PRIORITIES MATTER Today, there is a growing emphasis on looking good, feeling good, being well and living longer. None of these things can happen unless you get into better physical shape. Physical fitness is the key that opens the door. And a proven key to achieving these ideals is strength training exercise. It is one of [...]

Strength Training and Seniors

By |2017-10-09T15:57:47+00:00August 5th, 2015|Anti Aging Exercise, Metabolism, Proper Exercise, Youthfulness|

Strength training is good for everyone…especially seniors. Wisdom is the reward that seniors enjoy. The experiences of life have tempered them and wisdom is the result. That’s a good thing. But aging also presents numerous health and fitness challenges and is the very reason we need to adopt some form of weight training, strength training [...]

Testosterone, the Essence of Maleness

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Just like females, as men age, they have to deal with their own set of physical changes that are unique to them alone. Many of these are a direct result of a decrease in the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the essence of maleness both physically and sexually. Its role [...]

Make it Your Fitness Goal to Develop an Exercise Habit

By |2017-10-09T15:57:50+00:00June 17th, 2014|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Habit, Happiness, Proper Exercise, Self-Care, Wellness, Youthfulness|

Want to develop a fitness habit, be fit and look great? What separates those who can stick to a fitness program from those who call it quits before they get the results they expect? Despite what you may think, it has nothing to do with lack of motivation, laziness, or lack of desire. It’s your [...]

Are You Ready and Prepared to Live Decades Longer Than Your Parents?

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The really good news is you have the capacity to live well into your 80’s, 90’s even topping 100! But, consider for a moment, about the quality of your life and health.  It has been predicted only 3 out of 10 people will be healthy enough to really enjoy these golden years, will you will [...]

Realign Your Metabolism For Maximum Longevity And Youthfulness

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  None of us want to get old. In our modern youth orientated society there are no rewards for getting old especially if it is before your time. Staying as youthful as possible is big business with anti-aging treatments and surgery all promising to wipe some of the years away so we can keep up [...]

Your Muscles Are Your Bodies Armor and Defense

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Because we cannot really see our muscles we tend to forget about their importance and most of us have no idea of how much they can affect our health and well-being especially as we get older. Not only do our muscles hold us upright and hold our bones together they are the mechanism that drives [...]

The Scientifically Validated Way To Get Smarter, Happier, Healthier And Calmer

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Sure, you know exercise is good for you. It keeps your weight in check, makes you stronger, and keeps you feeling youthful through the decades regardless of how many candles are on your birthday cake. Along with making your body function better and for longer it makes you feel better as well.  But did you [...]

Turning Back the Clock: Maximizing the Anti-aging Benefits of Exercise

By |2017-10-09T15:57:51+00:00April 15th, 2014|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Metabolism, Proper Exercise, Self-Care, Youthfulness|

Every day the evidence continues to mount, proper exercise is the proverbial fountain of youth and new studies are continually being released that reinforce exercise as the number one youth elixir. It seems science and medicine is proving that one thing is for certain; being active obstructs the aging process and allows us to preserve [...]

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