Carbohydrates are “Simple and Complex”…

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Don't starve - nourish. It should be the new dietary mantra. Macro-nutrients are an important part of that nourishment. They consist of proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fats. These nutrients are provided through your choice of foods. Since each of these nutrients plays a different role in the body, it is important to get the right [...]

You Can Achieve a Priceless Lifetime Exercise Habit

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  PRIORITIES MATTER Today, there is a growing emphasis on looking good, feeling good, being well and living longer. None of these things can happen unless you get into better physical shape. Physical fitness is the key that opens the door. And a proven key to achieving these ideals is strength training exercise. It is one of [...]

5 Stages to Fitness Health Success…

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Whenever you make major lifestyle changes, including adopting a new exercise or strength training program you’ll likely go through 5 stages before succeeding. Five Stages to Fitness Health: Pre-contemplation – As the title implies, at this stage, you are not yet contemplating or thinking about starting an exercise program or making any permanent lifestyle changes. [...]

The Importance Of Groups For Fitness Goals

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If there was a way to double your probabilities for success with fitness goals, would you like to hear more? How about a way to make it more fun? Something that that automatically makes space and time in your rushed schedule for taking time for yourself? A great way to help you get motivated and [...]

Preventing Chronic Disease…

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Chronic diseases are incurable diseases that slowly and painfully steal the life out of someone as they continue their destruction, getting worse and worse throughout a person’s lifetime. It is definitely a modern day health holocaust that accounts for 70% of all deaths. Researchers and medical profession alike are promoting the fact that most life [...]

Maintaining Healthy Mitochondria…

By |2019-12-17T17:00:58+00:00June 4th, 2016|Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Metabolism, Wellness|

Inside each cell within your body is a tiny structure known as mitochondria meaning “little bean.” Some cells contain thousands while other cells have none. The main function of this “little bean” is to metabolize or break down carbohydrates and fatty acids and generate energy. Mitochondria literally look like a tiny bean shaped energy [...]

Health-Giving, Money Saving Food Dehydrators…

By |2017-10-09T15:57:43+00:00February 14th, 2016|Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Healthy Raw Desserts and Treats, Wellness|

Looking to bump up your intake of life giving vitamins and minerals? Look no further than the modern home food dehydrator. This appliance is becoming a very hot trend – and, for good reason. Food dehydrators are exceptionally easy to use and take little time to dry your foods. They can very quickly and easily [...]

Master Your Mind through Meditation…

By |2021-01-06T01:17:47+00:00January 28th, 2016|Depression, Disease Prevention, Happiness, Mind Power, Self-Discipline, Stress, Wellness|

The short description of meditation is that it is a process that brings peace and calmness into your being and thus your life. It is subjective and does have not have one single definition; there are many different types and techniques to meditation and it's just a matter of finding "your fit." Basically, meditation [...]

The Top Three Health Villains…

By |2019-12-09T22:08:34+00:00December 27th, 2015|Disease Prevention, Habit, Life Success, Mind Power, Motivation to Exercise, Self-Discipline, Wellness|

People are being robbed of their healthy years and most do not even realize it until the timing is too late. Chronic disease is a modern health holocaust and accounts for 70% of all deaths. Diseases that are incurable and continue to slowly worsen during a person’s lifetime fall into [...]

Healthy Balanced Meals for a Healthy Balanced Body

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Without a doubt, most of us have allowed ourselves to fall deep into the trap of becoming accustomed to prepackaged foods, fast foods and restaurant foods…all highly concentrated and calorie-dense choices. Refined foods pack a punch of calories in a small package making it easier to over consume calories. They are calorie dense and nutrient [...]

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