time for changeBefore starting and succeeding with any diet plan, you must have the right mindset in place.

Your mind is a powerful dictator over what you do so if it’s primed to set you up for failure you can only imagine the course of events that will follow.

However, if it’s primed to set you up to succeed your chances of reaching your goals are going to be ten times greater.

Let’s look at some key places where you need to get your mindset right to start.

First things first – you must get your mind focused away from any dangerous quick-fix solutions that are out there. Going on extreme low-calorie crash diets is not only unrealistic, but it sets you up for health risks because it negatively affects and plays havoc with your hormones and metabolic engine.

Truth is, you must first accept the fact that it takes work to get to your goal weight. You didn’t get where you are overnight and you are not going to fix it overnight. Once you accept this fact, you can begin your weight loss journey with confidence.

You must also release any connection to “black and white” thinking that is currently running in your mind.

Black and white thinking is exactly what it sound to be – one extreme or another.

You are either 100% on or you are 100% off.

You are perfect or you are an absolute failure.

This type of thinking only sets you up for failure because believing you are an absolute failure at any point is exactly what you will achieve.

If you feel you’ve ruined everything by having a “bad day” or falling off your “horse” for a short minute, then that is exactly what will happen.

Truth is, we are humans not robots so we must approach each day as it comes. Some days you will be more on than others. Accept this fact as being “ok” – that there is always tomorrow to do it better.

Be kind to yourself, love yourself and be tolerant of yourself.

The sooner you get away from black and white thinking the sooner you will see the results you are after.

The next thing to consider when studying your mindset is to shift the focus away from strictly weight loss onto health.

Will the actions you are taking move you closer to living a healthier lifestyle or are they detrimental to your health and something you know you will have to end at some point in the future because it’s simply not healthy to be doing it?

If your focus is just weight loss, when you finally reach your goal, there will not be any viable reason for you to avoid that fast food burger and fries.

On the other hand, if your focus making health a priority, that fast food burger takes on a whole different perception. You know it will impact your overall heart health and you choose to avoid it. When your mind is focused on health the motivation for eating right shifts for the better.

The next thing you should consider when cleaning up your mindset is to build a support network. When you feel alone it usually shows in your results. When times get hard (and they will at some point) you may just throw in the towel because you can’t deal with it.

You need a strong support network, a “team” to help you when things get difficult. We all need a place to vent feelings and in return have someone support us and tell us its ok and that we do have the power within to get through this.

Your support network can be anyone that you feel you can count on. Friends, family members, co-workers and even gym buddies that can help to keep you focused and accountable as you go about your diet process.

When you have a support network, you have people to turn to during the happy moments and success feels that much sweeter.

And last but not least, is to be aware of your self-talk. What statements are you telling yourself that could impact how you feel about the progress you are making? When you begin focusing on what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis you might finally realize that you aren’t treating yourself very kindly.

Remember, your body listens to your mind so be very careful about what you tell it. You need your “inner voice” on your side…you need its support. So, when you find yourself caught in a maze of unhealthy, negative thinking, putting yourself down simply replace these negative statement with positive ones.

Starting a diet off with a bad mindset is sure-fire strategy for failure while starting your diet off with a healthy mindset of positive, motivating thoughts works with you towards your achieving your goals.

Discover why your mindset and your body must be HEALTHY FIRST if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever.  “How You Do the Small Things is How You Do the Big Things will give you all the tools you need to align your body with your mind and experience the success you are after.