Could you be on the lookout for something that promises a good return on your investment? Something guaranteed to help you live a long, strong and healthy life?

Well here is one for you – it’s called proper exercise. Nothing fancy, nothing hi tech or technical, no hidden costs. The only requirement to initiate this investment is you have to become more active. With a small down payment of couple of sessions a week, your investment could grow and the returns are guaranteed.

We are all concerned about saving enough money and investing wisely during our working years to ensure financial security in retirement.  With personal strength and fitness, it is the same and the sooner you start to invest the better. The best time to begin an active life is when you are young, and the second best time is to start right now.

We all really do know that proper exercise is good for us, but sometimes our vision gets clouded and we lose track of what is really important in our life. We may ask ourselves “What could be more important than our health?” Without vigorous physical activity on a regular basis, there is no way that a person can have a high quality of health right across their lifetime.

A century ago life was very different in that most people had to be physically active just to meet the daily demands of life. Our busy modern day lifestyles enable us to get through the day without having to move much at all. Just as a diet of junk food leads to health problems down the road, a diet of little to no vigorous physical activity leads to the greater risk of disease and illness down the road.

If you aren’t moving much now, or your movements are limited to going from the bed, to the desk, to the table, to the couch, and to the bed again – it is only going to get worse as you get older.  Our bodies are not programmed for this lack of movement and begin a downward spiral of accelerated aging releasing a steady stream of chemicals that tell our cells not to rebuild, repair, renew or rejuvenate themselves.

Building and maintaining strength and fitness can be one of the healthiest things you can do for your health. However, in today’s fast-paced society, many people focus their time trying to accumulate self-wealth instead of self-health. But if health is lost somewhere down the track how much wealth is then spent trying to recover health?

Keep your eye on the real prize because in the long run it is health that determines how long one stays employed in the workforce and whether one can live a healthy and active lifestyle after the working life is over.

If you are thinking about putting off your participation in an exercise program for another day, think again about what you could be paying in health returns in the long-run. If you start treating your strength, fitness and health as an investment though, it can be an investment opportunity that pays you a far greater dividend than any financial investment you could ever make.

Resolve to put aside the time for exercise. After all what is more important than your health? Surfing the internet, watching TV, cleaning, talking or texting on the phone? Surely not – no way!

By simply starting to exercise and sticking with it, you have the opportunity to reduce the risk of diseases like the “big three” heart disease, cancer and diabetes. You are also creating a healthier way of life for yourself by keeping your muscle mass, bone strength and density and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Man doing pushups

Additionally, exercise helps contribute to healthy mental states, keeping us smarter and sharp as a tack, along with staying saner with a reduction in stress. You are doing something great for yourself as no one else can.

Owning a habit like exercising regularly is something really valuable that no amount of money can buy. It is better than money in the bank. So make your deposits, become wealthy and look and feel a million bucks.

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You can train yourself for success or you can train yourself for failure, so, be your own coach and get yourself going.