Have you honored your body today?

You only get one you know. If you don’t honor it and keep it as healthy as possible, it will start to break down and show first subtle, and then serious signs of aging. After 10-20 years have passed, it will become much more noticeable that you have aged.

Two people of the same exact age can look completely different. The person that cared for their body, fed it well and engaged in regular exercise may look 20 years younger than the one who ignored their bodies many cries nutrients, led a sedentary lifestyle and chose activities that increased the aging process such as tanning and smoking.

Fortunately for us, nature has been kind. The good news  is it is not completely out of your power to change. Although none of us can freeze time and completely defy aging, we don’t have to open the door and invite it in either.

There are many things you can do personally that will put a stop to aging and ensure that you pass through these years gracefully, all while looking and feeling your best.

Starting with diet:

Since you only have one body in this go-around, wouldn’t it be wise to fill it with the best energy producer possible – in this case, high-grade nutrients?

There are a few issues related to nutrition that if present, will accelerate the aging process. By learning what these are, you can put your best foot forward to avoid them.

Lack of Anti-oxidants –

If you really want to combat and slow the aging process, you must supply your body with plenty of anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are warriors. They neutralize the free radicals that would otherwise lead to oxidative damage (much like an auto eventually breaks down and rusts) thus improving health significantly. They help to combat disease such as heart disease and cancer. They keep your skin, hair and nails looking their best. You’ll feel more energized and healthy on a day to day basis.

The best source of these “free radical” busters is a steady intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The equation is simple: the more of nature’s natural, nutrient dense foods (fresh produce) you take in, the higher your antioxidant intake will be.

Yes, you can gain anti-oxidants from other sources such as nuts and some oils. However, they don’t provide the hit of anti-oxidants you’ll get from eating fresh produce.

Consuming too Much Sugar – 

It’s easy to identify and steer clear of traditional white table sugar. However, manufacturers put sugar in nearly everything, and most people really have no idea how much sugar they are actually consuming on a daily basis. But, if you take the time to start reading labels, you’ll be shocked at how much sugar is hiding in the least likely of places and at the amount you’ve consumed over the course of one day.

You’ll find sugar in all these grocery items:

Fruit beverages
Granola bars
Deli meats

If you really want to keep your body as healthy as possible, you need to avoid this stuff.

Why, what’s so bad about sugar?

To begin with, it accelerates the aging process by placing stress and strain on your body. When you take in sugar, your blood glucose levels rapidly spike. When this happens, your body realizes it’s no longer healthy and as a result, it release a huge hit of insulin from your pancreas. The insulin goes in and sucks the excess glucose up out of the blood stream to bring your blood glucose levels backs down. This excess glucose goes straight to your body fat cells. Unless you’ve just completed a very intense exercise session that shuttles it towards the muscle cells, all that excess sugar is going to your body fat stores.

Excess body fat puts you at risk for a number of related disease such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

And, let’s not forget that sugar is the opposite of nutrient-dense. Sugar is “nutrient-void.” It supplies nothing in the way of anti-oxidants. Don’t waste calories on dead foods – and sugar is the worst of the worst.

If you’re coming off of sugar, make sure to consume sufficient healthy carbohydrates.

Don’t allow regret to set in. Take action now so that tomorrow you wake feeling positive about yourself and your direction rather than worse about yourself.

Even when you are snacking or eating dessert, you can provide important nutrients and anti-oxidants to your body –

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