It is human nature to be in the pursuit of happiness.

We often seek happiness from external sources such as relationships, the acquisition of monetary wealth and power, careers, developing intelligence, externally looking good and successful to others.

Material things can make us comfortable, relationships are a vehicle for us to express emotions and connect in different ways to others. Recognition for accomplishments and admiration for how we look can make us feel good and successful but they do not provide long-term happiness.

There is nothing wrong with being connected externally; in fact it is an important and necessary part of life. The important thing to be aware of is that it often brings temporary satisfaction by gratify the ego. If you go through life desperately focusing on the results of trying to acquire status and material things along with striving to look good to others to achieve happiness, joy and peacefulness will evade you.

We also have no control over the outside circumstances in life. External situations can often leave one feeling stressed, dissatisfied, disappointed, depressed, victimized and confused. To experience soul-satisfying joy we must look within. We must break free from the preconceived mindset that our achievements and possessions define us. We must release the expectations of others and find the genuine value within ourselves.

When you have a desire, and it gets fulfilled, there is a period of time when you are content. In that moment, you experience the happiness that is a natural part of your being. But then external stimulus such as the media, including marketing, or opinions and beliefs of others intervene and you shift into a state of lack or want. Happiness fades. If you are not aware of this it can become a never-ending cycle.

On the other hand, just adding a couple of exercise sessions into your life is one of the most important things you can do to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.  Your happiness level depends on a high level of health and wellness in all of these areas.

Self Care

When you take the time to practice self care in the form of proper exercise supported by healthy eating (not processed food) it has positive benefits for how you look, how you function, how you feel, how happy you are, and contributes to the quality of your life.imagesCAC7L9W2

It is well known that proper strengthening exercise results in a multitude of health benefits such as keeping the structures of the body (muscle and bone) strong, improved stamina and endurance to make your day easier, weight loss or maintenance, better resistance to disease and increased lifespan.

Less well known is the ability of exercise to strengthen our “inner wellness” to help us move through life’s crises. When the body is strong the mind is strong and can better accept and overcome the ups and downs and the inevitable challenges of life. So, don’t just think that exercise is just for the outside of the body, the inside is just as important as well.

As more research is gathered a strong consensus is building among health professionals and those trying to help others become healthier, saner and happier that proper exercise is key.  But it is often not until it is too late that we realize this.

Wrong lifestyle decisions particularly about the amount and type of exercise we do, the quality of our nutrition along with our attitude towards health and fitness determines the quality of life we are left with. Then what is often said is “If only I had of known”.

Our bodies need regular strengthening exercise, and when we do not get enough of it, it makes us feel bad both physically and mentally. It is a human beings natural state to be active, energetic and feeling good. A lack of proper exercise prevents this and we live our life a few notches down from where it should be lived.

You may have to learn to love physical activity and intentional exercise and it does take some people longer than others. Even if you start with just one or two strength training sessions each week for a short amount of time it will help you keep strong and vital. Strength training exercise is so effective only a little is needed and you will most definitely get the most ‘bang for your buck.iStock_000013679047Medium

Once your exercise program becomes a habit you will start to notice the benefits, more strength, more fitness, more energy and above all, more happiness. You will soon be experiencing the number one reason why most people regularly go to the gym –“Because it makes me feel good”.

You will enjoy what it gives to you so much that you might even feel bad if you should have to miss an exercise session.  In time you might also find yourself wanting to be more active on the weekends instead of lazing around.

The personal self care of exercise will help you to cultivate inner peace and happiness like no other creating transformational healing releasing entrenched holding patterns of stress and tension, support inner balance and help to integrate body, mind and spirit promoting health and happiness.

As you become more aware of your heart, mind and body connection it creates a sense of freedom, which allows you to be satisfied with yourself and your lot in life, and can shift your reality around how you view yourself and the world.

But it doesn’t just happen. It does need some input and self care practices to revive your health and happiness levels and keep it alive otherwise like everything that is neglected it just wastes away.

Yes, there is an inner athlete inside all of us just waiting to be unleashed. Can you see yourself as this fit, energetic, happy person? Your exercise program can gradually become a passion. Get your mindset right so you learn to love physical activity, make that passion yours so you can claim the inner peace and happiness rightfully yours.

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I have written an eBook about this “mindset” bit. Although it is called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” it is about enhancing health and the first bit is addressing the mindset – the inner mind programming so it becomes an easy habit and you are not in a battle with yourself about whether or not you DO IT.

“Weight Loss Motivation Bible”

The idea that your subconscious mind may be actively blocking your conscious efforts to improve your health can be hard to swallow at first but mastering your subconscious mind can make all the difference to your level of health success.

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