two exercisesStrength training is getting more and more popular in all age groups and without a doubt, it’s the “big bang” exercises that you give you the best results. Two of these exercises that go beyond the norm with results when it comes to shaping your legs and butt are the deadlift and the squat. These are the two most functional movement we have as humans.

These two multi-joint exercises offer big payoffs when done at the correct intensity level and can contribute up to 95% of your results.

In fact, getting on a first name basis with these two incredible exercises is the key to getting the body you want. It’s just a matter of time and consistency.

Because it engages nearly every muscle in your body and burns a large amount of energy in the process, the dead-lift is quite possibly the biggest muscle working exercise bar none. It is also the most taxing on the central nervous system. And, just in case you’ve forgotten, when you work huge groups of muscles at the same time the big benefit is fat loss. Not only that, but your metabolism will sky rocket after training burning higher numbers of calories between sessions. If you’re looking for fat loss and muscle toning, then the dead-lift is the exercise to embrace. When performing a deadlift, make sure your knees are slightly bent.

If you’re looking to sport a great pair of legs, then no exercise is going to give you better results than the squat. Just ask any serious ballet dancer…they perform tons of body-weight squats and have amazing legs.

When performing squats, you must also engage your core in order to stay balanced and stable. Squats can be performed many different ways and there’s really no one who can’t perform squats…if you can sit in a chair, on a toilet or reach down to pick something up then you can do a squat. You can even use a chair or other piece of equipment. The important thing is to just do them. For most people performing these power-house exercises once a week is enough.

Performing small exercises with low returns and working on small muscle groups is acceptable once in a while and for fun but they won’t give you much in return. If you’re really after results, its best if you work from a mindset of expecting the most results for the least amount of time invested.

The formula is pretty simple:

If you want more power and improved speed than do dead-lifts and squats

If you want strong muscular legs then do dead-lifts and squats

If you want to drop body fat and get toned and fit then dead-lifts and squats are your answer.

Let’s face it, stronger is better in every way…it’s more useful, looks better and contributes to your immune system and long-term health and vitality.

The important thing when performing squats and dead-lifts is it is better to be on the conservative side…especially when beginning. Safety should always come first, you can always graduate to more challenging ones as you build strength and endurance.

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