Acid-alkaline balance is a reference to the balance between the level of acids and non-acids (alkalis) found in the body’s fluids and tissues. The ratio of acids to non-acids can be determined by measuring pH levels.

When pH levels are balanced health is also good and balanced. When an imbalance occurs, when we either dip to one side or the other…either too acidic or too alkaline we set the stage of disease of all kinds to take hold.

The bodies pH is measured on a scale of 0-14. Neutral pH is considered number 7 and anything below 7 indicates an environment that is acidic while pH levels above 7 represent an alkaline condition.

When our pH levels are not balanced in the body we either become too alkaline or too acidic. For most people, over acidity is the issue.

When your body has so much acid build up that it can no longer successfully eliminate or neutralize it, different problems begin to occur that include disease, illness and death.

Too much acid in body’s environment causes premature/accelerated aging, fatigue, inflammation, organ damage and an explosion of bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts and viruses.

Unfortunately premature aging is way too common in our society. Many factors come into play such as environmental toxins in the body, reactions to stress as well as nutritional deficiencies caused by a diet of primarily dead, processed foods.

These same factors affect the body’s pH levels making it much more susceptible to disease. Exposing your body’s cells to overly acidic environments on a regular basis can cause the cell structure to lose its integrity and to mutate and alter itself.

These cells when viewed under a microscope are no longer round but misshapen and bent. Their ability to function has been compromised as well as their ability to communicate with other cells. This in turn causes cells to make “mistakes” as they try to regenerate and repair themselves manufacturing proteins essential to the process. These so called “mistakes” can result in otherwise healthy cells becoming cancerous.

Another negative result of an overly acidic environment is that it inhibits neuron function which impairs proper brain functioning. Without neurons functioning properly we get “brain fog” and bouts of forgetfulness.

Eating high alkaline foods is important because our blood pH level should be between 7.35 and 7.45…slightly alkaline. We need to help our bodies stay within this level by consuming more alkaline food and fewer acidic foods.

When our diets are too acidic, we are actually working against our body’s efforts to stay healthy and balanced.

Alkaline Diet

By eating an alkaline diet, we help our blood pH level to stay balanced without a lot of effort.

What most people don’t realize is that many of the foods they consume on a regular basis are negatively affecting their alkaline body. All acidic foods should not be eliminated as they are needed for proper nutrition, however, they should be limited to less than half of your diet.

A good gauge is to make sure your diet is 60-80% alkaline foods with 20-40% left as acidic foods.

If your diet is primarily one of past, bread and soft drinks you can be sure that you are highly acidic.

On the other hand, a diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies, green teas, mineral waters, whey protein powder, yogurt, almonds, chestnuts, sunflower seeds etc…these are all healthy alkaline foods.

The healthy human body exists in a naturally alkaline environment. When you consume foods that are highly acidic they throw this healthy pH balance out of whack which then makes you susceptible to multiple diseases and illnesses.

Take command of your life and spend your energy and your money on something that contributes to your health!

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