Perhaps the greatest invisible threat to your health comes in the form of one that is only imagined. Yet, the damage it does to your body is every bit as real as a cancerous tumor or clogged artery. It’s called stress.

Stress can not only harm you, it has the potential to kill you!

It is our bodies response to a perceived threat – one that may or may not be real. Defined as “fight or flight” this response was definitely advantageous from an evolutionary view, saving us from immanent danger. At a moment’s notice, the adrenal glands pump out the adrenaline hormone that allows you to gain access to a large reservoir of energy to use to fight your way through to safety. While this is happening, another hormone, called cortisol is released to recoup your energy expenditure by ramping up your appetite for high-calorie foods.

Fortunately, our modern lives no longer expose us to real life-threatening scenarios. It is the imagined threats that keep cortisol flowing round the clock.

For example, work stress is a huge problem for many people and unfortunately, one of the most difficult sources of stress to get away from. In fact, mortality rates among the least affluent working class are the highest and stress is to blame.

Stress can literally speed up the thickening of plaque deposits on artery walls and put you directly in the path of a fatal coronary challenge when you are not expecting it. Obviously, we need to find ways of reducing and eliminating this dangerous mindset.

First and foremost, the war against stress requires you to understand that it is a real problem. Way too many people don’t take stress seriously enough and have no idea how powerful the mind is in this regard.

The same way your mind gets you into trouble it can get you out of it by developing a thick skin. People love drama, but you don’t have to buy into their angst. When those around you make comments that reveal their apathy, ignorance, stupidity, and short-sightedness, simply allow their remarks to bounce off of you. Laugh about the bizarre behavior rather than bottling it up and creating more frustration.

Stress also affects the way we look. It is known to directly increase belly fat… a dangerous, life threatening fat.

Stress Relief Strategies

Increase Social Engagement

Sharing your woes with others is a great way to bring your troubles down to size and put them into perspective.

Increase Physical Activity

Exercise comes to the rescue once again. It is a great way to lower the level of circulating cortisol in your body and decrease stress levels.

Watch what makes you laugh

It is very difficult to laugh and be stressed out at the same time. Fill your life with shows, people and activity that brings humor and laughter into it.

Get more quality sleep

Yep, this is your permission to stay in bed longer. Lack of sleep is a great way to amplify the little stressed in life and make them seem intolerable. Don’t allow yourself to become sleep deprived.  A great night’s sleep can make a world of difference in your attitude towards life!

Eat healthier foods

Nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel mentally and physically. Rather than reaching for that slice of cheesecake or chocolate bar to make yourself feel better, make and eat your own healthy snacks.

Better nutrition and a solid program of physical exercise are key elements to not only avoiding stress but dealing with it in a healthy manner when it does strike.

It’s time to take command of your life…emotionally, physically and mentally.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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