goodXpostureThe strength of our skeletal, muscular health is important. It is the framework that holds us up and allows us to move around. It is foundation of our posture.

Without it, our body would fail with muscle, joint or bone issues.

Muscles grow weak when not used. This includes our all-important core muscles, including lower back muscles. It’s not at all uncommon for lower back muscles to be less developed than those of the limbs. Yet, it is the worst possible area on the human body to have a weak link.

The lower back muscles are literally, the “back-bone of our muscular/skeletal system.  When our back muscles grow weak, we lose the stabilizing and supporting tone of both back and spine muscles. Our posture and our health suffer.

It is the strength of the lower back that supports most of the weight of the body and allows freedom of movement.


Out of Alignment?

The body is a fine-tuned machine that requires efficiency. Holding it together firmly and upright (proper posture) requires a strong skeleton supported by strong muscles – including lower back muscles. When posture is out of balance and muscles are weak, bones are not properly aligned either. When out of alignment, it acts the same way an out of alignment car does. It wears too much in one area and not enough in others. Eventually the problems get worse and the pain becomes chronic.

The reality is, if we allow our strength to erode away from disuse we can expect future problems to get more complicated.

Posture and Pain

Years of incorrect postural habits eventually result in chronic lower back pain. Muscles, joints, and ligaments have taken on more strain than they are designed for. Muscular strain, fatigue and pain are the eventual result. Our posture takes on an aged look and we begin to become “feeble.”

As muscles lose their strength, they no longer support the things they need to do and “pain” is the natural result. Rounded shoulders, sunken chest, protruding belly and stooped posture are the “look.”

Looking after and protecting our body is about keeping it functioning in the most effective, efficient and economical way possible. That requires strong, toned muscles supporting a strong skeletal system that allow us to move around with balance.

A strong “ticker” is also needed to enjoy a long healthy, vital life. Strength training is the key. Remember, your heart is a muscle too. Every time you perform your exercise routine, your heart gets a workout. As your other muscles become stronger, your heart becomes stronger too. Your muscles also act as auxiliary pumps taking some of the load away from your heart.


Take Command

Get your health back on track and give your body what it takes to stay strong. Avoid disease somewhere down the road, by taking command of your life now and keeping your muscles in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times. Proper exercise along with healthy proper eating are critical players. They need addressing now if you want to be strong, active and well beyond your eighties. The great news is, you can recover 75 percent of lost muscle tissue and 40 percent of lost muscle strength in as little as 12 weeks using the right exercise program.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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