Global health issues are disruptive on every level including opening the door to destructive negative self-talk.

Negative inner “talk/conversation” is very possessive and when allowed, soon takes center stage in our lives. We suddenly find ourselves thrust into strange and unfamiliar territory where stress, distress, apprehension, and defensive behaviors are the norm – a very crippling feeling for most. The results are increased anxiety, panic, and fear of the unknown.

The good news is, no matter how dark any situation seems on the outside, if we look a bit deeper we find the inner silver lining, even if not readily apparent. This “hidden” silver lining can only seen and appreciated when we lift the dark cloud of negative thought, allowing clarity to return to our thinking.

Life’s Growing Pains –

The truth is all experience’s in life are triggers and opportunities for growth – emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually. They are growing pains, some more painful than others, some lasting longer than others.

If we honestly reflect on our past and the situations we initially believed were negatives that turned out to be positives, we can easily see this as truth.

Global health crisis’ or pandemics are not small issues, and neither are the lessons they bring. Hidden within are a wealth of valuable lessons to be learned and personal growth to be gained for those with “eyes that see and ears that hear.”

This “silver lining,” cannot be seen or appreciated it if we are lost in anxiety and fear.

When we focus on excuses, judgments, or attempt to change what has already occurred by focusing on the past, we block our vision and waste two precious commodities, time, and energy. Since we are allotted a measured amount of energy daily, whatever energy is wasted cannot be applied towards productive purposes.

The current health crisis is, for those whose minds see clearly, a budding opportunity for inner and outer growth.

Two responses to life’s challenges –

We immediately focus on the negative and put energy into berating, bemoaning, hiding behind excuses or trying to change “water under the bridge” or we seek the silver lining – the real purpose the condition appeared in our lives in the first place.

One way is productive, the other destructive.

All challenges demand attention, including health challenges and pandemics. Health issues always scream one main message: “that’s it’s time to focus on boosting immunity.”

Building immunity can even be fun if you make it a family project. The Internet is loaded with new recipes to try, so why not include loved ones in the purchasing and the preparation of snacks and meals? Children love to participate in the kitchen. And, they are much more open to trying new healthier versions of foods if they have a hand in their creation. Who knows, there might be a budding chef in the mix.

Facing and solving challenges purposely thrusts us outside our personal comfort zone, so, it is important that we remember to never give in to hopelessness when challenges do appear. Life has neither the time nor energy to waste on occurrences. If a situation taps us on the shoulder, we can be sure there is an opportunity for valuable inner growth even if we don’t recognize it.

It’s important to remember that every challenge is a temporary situation brought to our attention because it needs attention.

Life is not knocking us down, it is waking us up!” 

Accepting the moment as perfect is the one perception that allows us to live and embrace the present. It is key to understanding that everything in our lives contributes to our growth the same way that both sunshine and rain are needed to stimulate Mother Nature’s growth.

Our inner growth expresses outwardly in our lives and in the world around us.

In other words, as we grow inwardly, the world grows outwardly. It’s a good thing!

The quality of our lives matter…

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