It truly amazing that many people continue to struggle with their body weight when, in reality, they do not have to. 

These disillusioned people continue to turn to fancy and elaborate diets designed to help them lose fat. Unfortunately, they only end up feeling restricted, anxious, overwhelmed and defeated in the process.

And to compound the issue, the struggle only increases stress levels. Too much stress is a total disaster for dieters and can actually amplify the chances that fat accumulation will be taking place rather than fat loss.

Losing weight is not rocket science. Anyone who has spent time researching on what it takes to maintain a specific goal weight – or lose weight is certain of one thing: to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn off on a daily basis.

While it is true, that total calorie consumption has the biggest influence on the direction that your body weight moves, you cannot allow yourself to believe that this is the only thing that will influence it.

Energy in versus energy out determines fats storage or fat burning. But, the types of foods you eat determine whether you body maintains good insulin sensitivity or not. By eating the right foods, fat loss is nearly automatic.

The basic requirement to losing weight or maintaining healthy weight is a simplistic diet that focuses on natural foods. These types of nature given foods regulate hunger and get the body using up fat as a fuel source rather than storing it. The body automatically regulates hunger levels allowing you to  consume just the right amount of food.

Dieters that are obsessed with low calorie foods may make poor judgments in terms of which foods they should or shouldn’t be eating.

Focus on Nutrients

There are a few issues associated with those that focus too much on calorie intake. One of those issues is that they fill their diet full of low nutrient density foods.

Low nutrient dense foods contain calories, proteins (usually in low quantities), carbohydrates and fats. However, they seriously lack the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal functioning.

You might compare feeding low density foods to your body with putting low grade gas in your car.

It’s high risk for sure. You can’t expect your car to function at peak performance with low quality fuel anymore than you can expect your body to respond favorably and work in peak performance by feeding it low grade foods.

The reality is, food is fuel for your body. Your body grows and thrives because of the nutrients it receives from the foods you eat. and not all food is created equal.

Your body requires vitamins and minerals. These superstar micro-nutrients perform all the many different tasks your body performs daily.

They ensure that you can deliver oxygen to your body tissues to keep your energy humming. They ensure that your bones stay strong and that you avoid stress fractures.

They are the worker bees that help your skin maintain elasticity and glowing radiance rather than appearing dull and wrinkled.

Love Yourself

If you are not taking these health providing micro-nutrients on a regular basis, how do you think it will impact your health?

Malnutrition will set in and with it a number of health issues – all because you didn’t love yourself enough to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to thrive.

Bottom line is this – counting calories only works if you are focused first on the nutrient density of the foods you eat. Without that in the equation, you set yourself up for serious health consequences.

Looking forward to a long healthy life requires diligence towards your eating habits, proper exercise/movement and lots of self-love.

The key is to focus on loving yourself and proper nutrition – eating foods that provide the building blocks of life, help decrease the aging process and have more purpose for your body than simply weight control.

And, the best part about focusing on quality intake is that you don’t have to give up anything! Even desserts can provide vitamins and minerals when prepared correctly and with the right healthy foods.

Remember, the little things you do on a day to day basis are going to improve you in a profound way. Sometimes the smallest of things can result in the largest of benefits.

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