Our bodies were created with activity in mind…vigorous activity, otherwise why would we have muscles to begin with?

Muscles are not meant to be sedentary…they were created to be used and studies indicate that those who are not using and challenging their muscles properly are nearly three times more likely to die of premature and preventable disease.



Unfortunately, if we are not intentionally building muscle, from our mid-twenties on, we lose precious muscle tissue at the rate of one half pound per year. Without proper, challenging exercise, this dangerous and damaging condition continues throughout our adult years doubling at age 50. By the time we’ve reached age 80, we may have lost as much as 50% or more of our body strength.

It’s no big secret that muscles are necessary for body strength, however, it is not as well known that our muscles serve as our armor and defense against disease. Additionally, when people become aware of and understand that the muscular system actually makes up 50 percent of our bodyweight it becomes more obvious why muscle is critical to our overall disease protection.

Lifestyle exercises such as walking, swimming, and other “cardio” type exercises that include high repetition, long duration, and low intensity are considered recreational…they don’t do the job. Proper exercise, the kind needed to build muscle – is exercise that works the major muscles through their ranges of movement under an adequate load so that strength is built or maintained.

Strength training of the muscular system is interconnected with the immune system functions and any reduction in physical condition means a weakening of this system. Since the immune system is responsible for protecting us from illness and fighting off infection and foreign invaders, this leaves us in a vulnerable position in regards to our health.

Proper strength training exercise is the only way to reboot our entire body strength and bolster disease protection. It engages the muscles directly and helps keep our hormone levels healthy. Since muscles are the storage site for the amino acid glutamine and other proteins that fuel the immune system, the more toned and strong muscle tissue we have, the more plentiful the supply is and the greater the protection we have. Should we get sick, our body is able to call on the reserve of stored protein in our toned muscle tissue in order to fight and recover.



The good news is, we don’t need to spend hours at the gym in order to keep your muscles from disappearing. All it takes is 2-3 challenging sessions weekly of 30-40 minutes to rebuild, build or maintain body strength. Although it doesn’t require a great deal of time to challenge the muscles to stay strong but we must put conscious effort into it.

Not only will we be sporting a firm, trim, strong body, but we’ll be slamming the door on disease such as cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening diseases.

If we truly want to take command of our life and avoid disease somewhere down the road of life, our muscles need to be in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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