chronicXdiseaseChronic diseases are incurable diseases that slowly and painfully steal the life out of someone as they continue their destruction, getting worse and worse throughout a person’s lifetime.

It is definitely a modern day health holocaust that accounts for 70% of all deaths.

Researchers and medical profession alike are promoting the fact that most life threatening chronic diseases do not occur randomly in our lives. This is great news…but it comes with a two-edge sword.

Yes, its great news that disease cannot just randomly happen to us…but if it is not random then there are controls somewhere and someone is executing them.

So, what and who’s in charge of creating these diseases if they are not random?

We are…more specifically our lifestyles are the culprits. Our daily habits (such as smoking) beginning with our beliefs and perceptions, our diets and exercise or lack there-of are the causes of disease not random gambling by the Gods and there is only one person in charge of your lifestyle…you.

Yes, that two-edge sword is about you.

Disease is not random but only you can shift your mindset, beliefs, perceptions and actions to avoid it.

The responsibility for living a disease free life lives solely within us. Truth is, if you do it right, you can actually rewrite your future health all the way through your genetic level. How powerful is that?

Our lives, including our health shift to the positive side when we begin to take responsibility for what shows up in our lives, whether it be health or loss of a job and quit pointing the finger outside of ourselves. When we take responsibility that our health and our lives are what they are because of our past actions (daily habits and beliefs) then it stands to reason that it is at this point we are “empowered” to change and shift our lives by present actions and perceptions.

Empowerment and responsibility go hand in hand…you can’t have one without the other.


The Three Villains

There are 3 primary villains when it comes to your long-term health.

Number One: Not a surprise that it revolves around the heart after all, the heart is the first organ created in the body.  Cardiovascular disease ranks as number one on the list of chronic disease and it’s sad but true that nearly ½ of all people that experience a heart attack will die within an hour of their first symptoms.

Number Two: This is likely what many thought was number one because it has affected people’s lives directly or indirectly in some manner. Cancer is an affliction that affects 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 2 men at some point in their lives. If present statistics prove true, then cancer will affect nearly 40 percent of us in some form or another. A truly life threatening and frightening prospect.

Number Three: Diabetes rolls in at the third spot and comes with extras…it poses increased risk of other serious health conditions including vision loss, stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease, amputation of toes, feet or legs as well as premature death. Diabetes can often times be so silent in its early destruction that one in four people that already have diabetes (or are pre-diabetic) are not even aware of it.

The sad truth is people are being robbed of their healthy years and most don’t become aware of it until it’s too late. You must quit living in the future, believing that what you do then will amend for what you are doing now. Even if you cannot see it, if you are living a low quality lifestyle void of important nutrients and challenging exercise, there is damage going on that someday you will have to pay the piper for. Quit making excuses to “start tomorrow and address your health with responsibility.

What you are doing in and with your life right now is what ensures a healthy future.

If you truly care about experiencing youthful vitality, a healthy mindset and strong body in the future of your life then you must pay attention to what it is you are doing right now, in this moment and you can’t just talk about it.

Take action and ditch the processed nutrient dead foods, hire a health coach or join a gym. Set up challenging exercises with your friends but whatever you do, do something everyday that moves you one step closer to a super-healthy long life…one that is disease free.

It may be true that chronic disease is incurable but does that also mean it is not preventable?

Chronic disease only becomes the incurable demon that it is when you are not taking steps to prevent it in the first place. You only have to work at a cure if something is already there. If you prevent it…there is no need of a cure.

Your choice.

If you truly want to take command of your life and avoid disease somewhere down the road, your muscles need to be in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times.

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