Without a doubt proper exercise is one of the most powerful weapons we have for reducing chronic inflammation that can trigger cancer growth, keeping estrogen levels in check which protects against all hormone-dependent cancers, strengthening the immune system and stopping tumor growth by stimulating activity in key enzymes while minimizing the impact of carcinogens (substances/exposures that are known or suspected of causing cancer).

However, even with all those incredible benefits, exercise still remains a low priority for many people. They believe that they can achieve the same results just by taking pills or having surgery or some other unknown way to improve their health.

Truth is, they are only deluding themselves and trying to push the responsibility away from themselves. No one can do this for you or for me. We all have the ability to create health, energy and healing in our own bodies that no pill or doctor could ever match but we need to give our bodies the tools it needs to heal itself.

Long-term health, living longer, feeling better and avoiding health problems are positive results that are in our reach and all it takes is 12-15 minutes of challenging exercise so using “no time” as an excuse is simply not valid.

Slow Weight Training (one version of resistance training) works well for many people. When you slow down your exercise, you actually turn it into a high-intensity exercise. Slow movements allow your muscles at the microscopic level to access the maximum number of cross-bridges between the protein filaments that produce movement in the muscle.

Many believe that slow lifting has a decided advantage over standard weight-training techniques because it puts greater demand on the muscles minimizing the jerking motions that often lead to injuries and as a bonus, Slow Weight Training also burns those calories faster.

You won’t have any doubt that you’ve been through a challenging workout after performing slow lifting type training but the great thing is you only need to perform once a week to achieve the desired results. You can however do it twice a week if you wish.

4-5 basic compound movements can be used for your exercise set

For example:

Pull down (or alternatively chin-up)

Chest press

Compound row (A pulling motion in the horizontal plane)

Overhead press

Let press or squat

You can choose to use free weight or machines for these exercises. Resistance training machines give you the slight advantage of being able to focus your mind on your effort rather than on the movement.

First you need to select the proper weight. Choose one that is light enough so you can do at least 8 repetitions. Once you get that down and you’re able to perform more than a dozen reps it’s time to switch to a heavier weight.

Begin your exercise by lifting the weight as slowly and gradually as possible using a four-second positive and a four-second negative. All this means is that it will take you four seconds (a slow count to four) to bring the weight up and another four seconds to lower it. When pushing, stop about 10-15 degrees before you limb is fully straightened and smoothly reverse direction. Slowly with control lower the weight back down to the slow count of four.

Repeat until you feel exhaustion kick in which is usually around four to eight repetitions using the appropriate amount of weight or resistance. Do not try and heave or jerk the weight to get one last repetition in. Instead, keep trying to produce the movement even if it’s not going anywhere for another five seconds or so.

Immediately switch to the next exercise movement to target the next muscle group and repeat the first three steps.

Not only will your muscles love you, but it relieves stress and anxiety. It also helps cancer victims and survivors feel good about themselves and their bodies. Exercise just makes good sense.

Your total workout time should be no longer than 12-15 minutes and with all the benefits slow lifting offers, you certainly are getting plenty of “bang for your buck.”

With diligent, consistent strength training workouts and a strong commitment to follow through, you’lll soon enjoy significan positive mental, emotional and physical results.

If you truly want to take command of your emotions, your health and your life…

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you achieve this goal.

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