Information overload: When you are trying to process too much information on any given topic in order to make sensible decisions.

Many people when they wake to the truth that everything they do and say contributes to how their lives manifest realize that this principle applies to all areas of their lives…their diets and exercise program or lack thereof included.

They begin to shift their everyday lifestyles by searching for and adopting healthier lifestyle habits, however, with the voluminous amount of information freely available these days, choosing the proper plan can be challenging at best and this is when “information overload” takes hold.

Health and fitness is a million dollar industry. It’s you against the pros. You must be able to “see through” all the hype that this million dollar industry uses to grab your attention – remember, these promotions are created by marketing pros. They are trained professionals that know how to push your buttons, get your attention and prompt you to buy.

The problem is, along with good information, misinformation is laced throughout. It’s almost as though you need to be part detective these days to filter through all the “misinformation” that is constantly bombarding us from the Internet, magazines, T.V., and commercials concerning diet, fitness and nutrition.. Information that’s only designed with your “wallet in mind.”

They know what to say, what colors to use and what the trends are. In other words…they know how to capture your attention and make you believe you’ve found the perfect solution.

The reality is, there is no perfect solution. The more you continue to search, the more conflicting, and “push-button” advice you are likely to find…which sends you searching more. You simply cannot win at this game.

Truth is, nutrition and fitness have basic rules. There are no fancy diets, celebrity diets or quick fixes that are going to solve any health, weight, or fitness issues including yours. Although there are 55,000 plus diet books currently available and who knows how many fitness books – they all boil down to the same thing: eat less “dead” foods, focus on nutrient dense foods and exercise more.

Tapping into basic sound nutritional concepts that have existed since the beginning of time is the only real solution as well as trusting your instincts and learning to listen to your intuition. After all, your intuition comes from within and it is the voice of truth…whether it concerns finances, your fitness or your diet. You need to tune in, not out.

Getting clarity on the right nutrition and fitness goals is the first step…but it is only the first step. What really matters at this point is the action steps you take. Without action steps, everything you know about nutrition and exercise stays locked in your head where it’s not doing your body one bit of good.

You must move from being paralyzed on “information overload” into “attraction action” if you hope to see any results.

It is way too easy to get caught up “information gathering”…the prelude to “information overload” when you should be moving into “action.”

Get educated…yes, but don’t allow it to engulf you – don’t get paralyzed and don’t fall for the “fancy hype.” If you do, you’ll never move out of “gathering information” into taking action.

Educating yourself is the first step…but it won’t take that weight off or do anything towards getting your body healthy and fit.

You need to complete the process of transformation by taking action now.

Waiting for the perfect plan or trying to know every last thing there is to know about dieting or fitness will only prolong your present situation and keep you locked in “information gathering” leading to “information overload.”

Take the first action step…any step to move you out of “information gathering” into action and watch your motivation and your confidence levels soar. You’ll feel an immediate sense of relief.

Truth is, too much of a good thing…is not such a “good thing.”

Do your good intentions have you locked in information overload?

Isn’t it time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to stay healthy and fit long into your senior years?

“Reclaim Your Longevity”