When we are self employed and in business for ourselves, we pay a lot of attention to our goals, our finances and our assets but somehow we seem to forget that our most important asset is our body and its health and wellness.  We can not reach any of our goals, do our work or fulfill our mission in life if our body cannot support us.

Many people leave paid jobs because of the limited time and room to honor personal needs and self-care strategies such as proper exercise and healthier eating. But, if we are not careful the exact same thing happens when we become our own boss and we end up doing the same thing to ourselves. That old saying never rings truer – wherever you go, there you are.

In today’s technology driven busy word our self-care habits are often the first to go and end up getting pushed down the totem of priorities. Yet often the people who can choose their own hours, schedule and the ones with the most ability to choose how they spend their time are often the ones most frequently missing exercise and healthy eating routines.  

Yet we all know how important it is to move our body and keep it strong as it has been designed to be. Proper exercise that includes strength training is the very most important thing you can do for a healthy mind and body affecting everything from how you look and feel physically as well as the state of your mental and emotional health. Nothing contributes more to both the quantity and quality of your life.

It is hard to imagine how any business venture, any job or career could be more important as without health everything else is rendered irrelevant.  Yet eight out ten people do not get enough proper exercise so clearly it does rate highly on their priority lists.

As a business person the benefits of exercise are wide ranging from managing stress, stimulating creativeness, better alertness and memory, improved intellectual capacity and productivity to better sleep. You will be less likely to suffer from depression as vigorous exercise stimulates ‘feel good’ chemicals that signal a happy pleasant state of mind both during an after an exercise session.


One of our most important assets in our working life is the brain and we can think of it as a “muscle” of intelligence and just like our other muscles it develops during our young years, gets strong and reaches a peak. We then either keep it strong and maintained with good blood flow from being active or allow it to deteriorate losing function, agility and capability, just like any other body part.

A sedentary or inactive lifestyle can make you feel fatigued sucking the life force from you. When you work out regularly you get your blood pumping, which then delivers oxygen to your entire body so you become more energized and alive. You will be in better shape for everyday life, making it easier to get through the ups and downs of our busy lifestyles. If you are in business for yourself it will help you in so many ways you will wonder how you could ever manage without it.