“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

No matter how intense efforts are when beginning a new health, fitness or weight loss regime, at some point in time, we all have to deal with those pesky “excuses” that surface and try to derail our efforts.

Excuses are, without a doubt, our worst enemy and the very things that keep us from manifesting our dreams. Excuses get in the way of our dreams and the only way to avoid giving in to them is to be “accountable.”



Whatever circumstances are, no matter how difficult, taking personal responsibility for making things work out the way we want them to is the surest way to success. We must stand firm in our decisions, not allowing any type of excuse…no matter how creative to derail us. We must be accountable.

Success is not something we draw to us. Success lies within each one of us. However, it take self discipline and personal responsibility to empower it. It’s much easier to point fingers and bow down to excuses such as “I am too busy” or “I don’t have enough money to go to the gym or to buy healthy foods.”  Such weak excuses become our crutch and defense for the less than desirable situation we currently find ourselves in.

Identify reasons

If you currently find yourself stalled with your health and fitness goals, begin observing your inner self. What is it that is preventing you from moving forward? Be honest with yourself. Are you scared of failure and that’s why you give in to your excuses not to perform?

What goes through your mind when you don’t want to do something you know you should be doing? What thoughts are you entertaining, what thoughts command your mind when you give in to an excuse and decide to skip your exercise session or eat something you will regret later?

Write things down and create a plan

Once you hone in on and identify your excuses, make a written list of them. Write down every reason you can think of why your health and fitness dreams might not be achievable. Make a contract with yourself that identifies the excuses you use most often in regards to reaching your health and fitness goals and specify your line of defense – what your plan of action is to prevent your excuses from gaining hold. What steps you’ll have in place that you can take instead of giving in to excuses.

Put everything on paper in the form of a written contract. It creates an effective tool you can use whenever you catch yourself entertaining or giving in to excuses. It becomes a visible reminder of the commitment you have made to yourself. It’s also a handy tool for remembering the problems and the solutions you are trying to focus on.

A hand written contract is best because studies have shown that when we write by hand and connect letters manually we engage the brain more actively in the process…so, skip the computer keyboard and reach for pen and paper.

Employ countermeasures

Once you have your excuses on paper where you can see them, for every excuse or rationalization listed, think of an effective countermeasure you can employ that helps you to avoid the problem before it happens.

An example might be your schedule. If you believe your schedule is contributing to skipping workouts your countermeasure could be to spend a few minutes each morning planning your day…what you must do and what can be eliminated or postponed (other than exercising), what may save time and who might be able to help you to get things done. You need to prioritize and eliminate so that time is spent wisely.

Accomplish your goals

Once your contract is written and you are more consciously aware of your “weak health and fitness excuses,” what brings them on and how to effectively move past them it’s time to create a personal health and fitness plan and begin focusing in on your goals.

Once your “no excuses” plan is in place, concentrate on creating your health and fitness plan/goals. Having goals without a plan won’t work – you’ll have the desire but no path laid out to get there.

Visualize every goal down to the minutest detail and write everything down.

List all the reasons you want to accomplish your goal (your gentle reminders) and keep this list handy where you can see it often.  

Bottom line is this: Personal accountability is what’s needed…across all phases of life. You must be willing to answer for all your actions, choices and behaviors and the results they produce. When you are personally responsible, you no longer entertain excuses nor use the “crutch” of blame. The responsibility for your health and fitness falls directly on you. However, you are also the one that reaps the rewards and benefits of your own accountability.

It’s time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to take weight off and keep it off for good…

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