proper mindset for weight lossAligning your mind with your passions/desires is the key to success in anything…especially true in weight loss.

If you don’t first address the “cause” of your weight gain, you will never be able to retain any weight loss.

Just as medicine must address the cause of illness and move away from addressing the effects, losing weight requires the same diligence.

Moving into “cause” means you are moving into your mind because your mind is the creator of your world…it is your perceptions that must be addressed if you want your outer world to shift.

The first thing you must do is address your habits towards food and diet that run on auto-pilot. These are the perceptions that are silently running and destroying your dreams about weight loss.

What you have is a mind aligned with “overweight” perceptions, beliefs, definitions and judgments and a heart aligned with your ideal weight. They are in constant battle.

Trying to align your life/weight, whatever it is in your life that you are trying to ‘fix’ with your ideal representation before addressing your thoughts is putting the “cart before the horse.”

The truth is, change your mind and you change your life. You cannot do it the other way around.

The problem lies with your current beliefs and perceptions. You must align your mind/thoughts with the energies of your intended vision and you do this by opening yourself and your mind to new instruction. You must move into “thinking” for yourself and you do this by listening to and following the directions of your intuition and shifting from destroying habits and thoughts.

How can you expect to change anything about your outer life…including what you see in the mirror unless you shift your thoughts first?

As we grow and mature we “accept” certain beliefs and perceptions about life…these form patterns and habits in our thoughts and manifest in our lives, these include your beliefs about your body, your weight, health, exercise and diet.

Bottom line is this, you will only treat and care for your body the same way you authentically feel about yourself inside. They intricately linked…you cannot separate them.

You must rewrite your story into a positive one…one of loving acceptance and attitudes towards yourself, that’s what shifts your world.

Shift your energy, your attention from focusing on the perceived negatives about your life, body and dieting, i.e. “I’ll have to give up some of my favorite foods,” to focusing and aligning with every positive you can think of…of all the things you will gain from losing weight i.e. “I’ll experience a tremendous boost in energy and health.” It’s a good idea to sit and make a list so that you have something to refer to and remind your “mind” to stay focused on what you want…not on what you don’t want.

But, it doesn’t end there. You must then take the appropriate “action” steps to see it manifested physically (those action steps will include some form of lifestyle changes) but these are all revealed to you as you stay focused on what you want…what your ideal vision is.

Losing weight only seems like a mystery but it doesn’t work any different than anything else in life.

It is an alignment of energy. You must “be” energetically aligned with what you want to “see” in your world from your thoughts to your actions.

If you are in a constant state of negativity about your weight, body and life how can you ever expect to manifest anything different?

Shift your mind first…to feeling good about yourself, your body and your life. Feed it the “energy of love through your self-talk, positive affirmations, beliefs and perceptions. Use the power of visualization to create positive and uplifting thoughts about yourself and follow through with action.

That’s the real formula for success.

For a mindset reprogram to make it effortless to both begin and stick to new healthy lifestyle changes “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” is the place to start.

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