Wouldn’t it be awesome to achieve the kind of success that highly energized people such as Richard Branson achieve?

The best way to duplicate their success is to copy their actions.

Not only do highly successful people workout daily (usually to begin their day) but they share many traits and healthy habits. One of these is practicing mindfulness either through classic meditation techniques or conscious mindfulness exercises.

In fact, more than 80 percent of world-class performers practice some sort of mindfulness daily through meditation or other self-reflective actions.

Why? Because it works.

Classic meditation is the practice of emptying your mind and achieving a zen-like state – freeing your mind of damning judgments and critical, negative thinking. The positive mental and physical changes gained through meditation are amazing.

Mindfulness can be defined as a “quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” It requires a targeted focus on the present moment, acknowledging any thoughts, feelings, emotions, or sensations that might be occurring and can be performed by anyone.

It’s all about getting in touch with you – of knowing about what’s happening in your head at any moment.  It’s about controlling your responses to the monkey in your mind and it can be performed anywhere or anytime you have an extra 5-10 minutes. Simply feel/follow your breath as you breathe in and out while sitting quietly. No need to sit in a lotus position or chant while doing it.

With today’s hectic schedules and increasing demands, finding “quiet” time to meditate can sometimes be challenging and opens the door to our “favored” excuse. However, if meditation is worked into daily activities then it’s easy to participate without exception.

Walking Meditation:

Usually done in a quiet environment without disturbance, traditional type sitting meditation can be expanded to include “walking meditation.” Walking meditation is simply a form of “meditation in action.”

Walking meditation is nothing new. It has been an essential part of Buddhist training for centuries. Monks will walk for hours in order to develop focus and high levels of concentration.

Because nearly everyone does some form of walking daily, it is the perfect opportunity to turn a common everyday activity into a meditative practice offering health and longevity benefits.

When performing “walking meditation,” we use the physical, mental and emotional experiences of walking as the basis for developing greater awareness. Because the body is moving, it is easier to stay anchored in the present moment and remain aware of bodily sensations. Many people find it easier to perform than sitting meditation.

Unlike sitting meditation, walking meditation is obviously done with the eyes open and body moving. It is the perfect solution to squeezing more meditation time into the day because you can take advantage of all the times you walk. Each spell of walking throughout your day, no matter how short or long in duration can be turned into valuable meditative practice time.

Benefits of disciplining our mind through meditation or mindfulness practice:

Getting to know you: Mindfulness/meditation allows us to see our authentic selves through non-judgmental observation – getting to know ourselves without destructive negative thoughts and feelings taking over, stealing our energy reserves, and deflating our mood.

Lower stress levels:

The journal of Health Psychology recently published research that shows mindfulness not only lessons stress but it is linked with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Meditating/mindfulness clears the rubbish that has cluttered our mind throughout the day contributing to our stress.

Improved mental performance:

Meditation is empowered to reinforce connections between brain cells. In other words, it makes our brain function better and can even slow down the aging process! How’s that for a real bonus!

Control over pain and emotions: Mindfulness/meditation focuses us and helps our brain have disciplined control over processing pain and emotions, eliminating the negatives.

Stay healthier and fight disease: Handling stress through meditation/mindfulness practice reduces its impact on our body’s health. When our brain is not racing all over the place chasing scattered thoughts, it’s much easier to fall into a deep sleep and enjoy sweet dreams – very important for clarity of mind and a successful day!

Your whole life will/can improve through disciplining the mind.

But, the best thing about meditation is not what it does for you while performing. Sure, it’s nice to feel that silence, void of negative judgments, but the real power of meditation is the mind control you have when you are not meditating!

You go to the gym to perform physical activities that improve your body and your mind. Not so you can be more powerful at the gym next visit, but to improve your every action, whether mental or physical throughout the day.

Meditating is the same thing. You don’t meditate just to enjoy the silence of the moment. You meditate to build mind muscle – to use this powerful muscle when life situations call on it. The real power of meditation is the discipline it affords you when you need it the most!

It’s not hard to see why successful people meditate. It helps them eliminate energy stealers. No longer do negative emotions that eventually manifest as thought and action, control their energy, and thus their lives.

Change your life by shifting your thoughts from negatives to positives.

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you do just that…

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