Kitchen appliances for the health conscious cook.

The most important element to any profession or hobby are the tools. What is an artist without his tools or a carpenter without his toolbox? Each tool offering a different way to create.

The same principle applies to the home cook, who in essence is an “artist in action in the kitchen.”

With proper tools at their disposal, crafting creative dishes is not only easy, but it is fun.

More and more electronic appliances surface everyday giving the modern cook several advantages that Grandma could only dream about. Having access to a variety of these high powered tools saves money in the long run. It allows us to customize recipes so we can freely experiment and appeal to different preferences. It also gives us control over what ingredients go into each recipe and serving. There’s never any guessing involved in what you might be eating or serving.

spiralizer4The vast variety of modern kitchen tools available to us allow us to juice, blend, heat, cook, cream, puree, beat, slice, dice, roll and everything in between in whatever order is needed.

We can even create “healthy spaghetti” with a gadget called the spiralizer that turns regular veggies such as yellow squash into something beautiful, edible and healthy! How about using this fun, catchy gadget to prep veggies to top salads with?

The possibilities are endless. This is one tool that will fascinate and get the attention of children who along with proper supervision can help in the creation of healthy and fun meals.

There are a few basic essential tools/appliances that all modern cooks, no matter what their skill level is, needs.

Basic Essential Tools for the Health Conscious Cook


High powered juicer. No home should be without one.

Juicing fresh fruits, vegetables along with a variety of herbs give you an incredible nutritional boost. It allows you to mix together your favorite combination of produce, even those you might not favor, creating a delicious and nutritious drink.


High powered blender is a must for the health conscious cook. With both counter-top and immersible blenders available. The smaller, lighter immersion blenders are perfect to whip up cream or puree some apples.

A delicious compliment to using your juicer is blending up a smoothie in your high powered blender. Just like juicing, blenders offer a creative way to enjoy your greens sweetened with fresh fruits and healthy herbs. You can easily create a variety of raw soups, sauces and even nut milk in a strong high powered blender or even grind grains into flour.

Food processor

These handy workhorses are indispensable for a variety of kitchen tasks. You can dice, chip, blend, puree, emulsify, and knead all in one high powered food processor. Grating cheese, chopping onions or slicing veggies is easily accomplished with a high-end version.


It’s not just food enthusiasts that are enjoying the recent focus on these versatile dried food creators. Dehydrating foods is a common practice that has been around for centuries or longer. These appliances not only make great dried snacks from common and exotic fruits and veggies, you can also make things like gluten free pizza crusts, kale chips, crackers and raw granola. Opt for a high quality one that does not use any type of high heat. It will for itself in a short time.

Great cooks and bakers agree that their kitchen toolbox is the key to keeping their creative juices flowing and their recipes growing. 

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