lat-pulldownsReversing the aging process and winding the biological clock back is a process that appeals to everyone and the anti-aging business is healthier than ever as more and more people jump on the newest potion, lotion, injection, therapy, supplement, pill or trending surgical procedure. Since we all have memories of being young it’s only natural that we search for ways to regain our lost youth and the zest and optimism we had for life when in our twenties.

Unlike days gone by when our parents were young, modern science and research has educated us and we’ve gotten a lot smarter and know that what we put into our bodies and the kind of activity we engage in has more to do with reversing the aging process than any superficial method which just serves as an external Band-Aid and does nothing to actually slow aging deep down at the cellular level where it counts.

Truth is, the reality that our parents accepted as just part of the “aging process” is not inevitable. Loss of youthfulness and physical decline does not have to set in unless you’ve thrown in the towel and decided to sit back and allow “nature to take its course.” The human body was created to be active…it is a “use it or lose it” machine and the aging process happens because we’ve stop doing the kind of physical activity that challenges our bodies.

The body ages from the inside out so if you want to reverse aging you must address what’s going on inside. You cannot reverse aging by refurbishing and dressing up your outer layers you must give your body the necessary stimulus in order to trigger muscle growth and slow the process of muscle wasting which hastens the degenerative processes and conditions that characterize the aging process.

Every day that you are not working at making your body stronger, you are actually getting weaker even if the effects haven’t shown up yet. Up until about age 25 our bodies are growing and developing but once we’ve turned 30 our bodies begin the long process of getting weaker.

At this point, you have a choice…you can continue to get weaker or you can work hard to maintain your strength and energy.

Even though you cannot change your chronological age, you do have the power to erase 10—20 years and enjoy life in a much younger body…one that is stronger, slimmer and full of vitality and high energy. Your body may not be aware of its age but it knows when it is not being used and challenged in the manner it was engineered for. What the body is not using it breaks down and discards.

Without the proper physical work needed to maintain strength, the body loses about ½ pound of muscle tissue per year and this number doubles at age 50. This is a serious change in muscle to fat ratio (body composition) that steals strength and weakens bodily systems. The immune system, hormones, nerve cells and other critical players like chemicals needed for normal health are all affected and jeopardized.

Your body composition ultimately determines the state of your body, the level of health you enjoy and the rate at which you are aging.

Every part of the body is effected by the loss of muscle tissue including mental and emotional health as well as physical health.

Loss of muscle tissue also results in an increase in body fat which changes the balance of fats in the blood opening the door to heart attack and stroke. It messes with and alters sugar metabolism which increases the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Bottom line is this…the human body will not stay in peak health and performance without proper consistent vigorous activity. It is vigorous and challenging activity that triggers the chemical reactions needed to relay to every cell in every tissue, organ and system in the human body to command to repair, rebuild and renew. Without the proper stimulus, normal cell renewal and rejuvenation is stymied and we’ve hyper-exposed our bodies to the risk of life threatening disease.

Unfortunately, normal activity does not stimulate muscle enough. The formula for muscle building is working all the major muscle groups through a range of movement under a sufficiently adequate load.

Activities that work the muscular system force the body to grow while sitting around leading a sedentary lifestyle encourages the body to decay.

Remember, if you are not building muscle you are losing it and strength training or resistance training is the key to stopping muscles from wasting away. Muscles are not just for looks…they stimulate fat burning and provide tons of energy. They prime the immune system helping you sidestep disease.

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