waterflavorsBesides getting plenty of challenging exercise and enjoying a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy fluid balance is crucial for peak body performance, yet many people still do not get their required quota of healthy fluids daily.

But times are changing as more and more people are educated on how the wrong drinks (those sugary temptations) have negative impacts on their health and diet and water continues to rise as the preferred “beverage of choice” overtaking sales of the previous favored drink – fizzy soda.

Water not only quenches thirst but carries nutrients to all your cells. It flushes damaging toxins from vital organs and in more subtle roles, water helps maintain body temperature and lubricates your nose, throat and ear tissues. It does all of this without adding any calories.

How much water should you drink? There is no firm answer to that question because bodies are not exact templates of each other, however, a general rule of thumb according to the Institute of Medicine is for men to drink 13 or more cups of water daily and women should drink 9 or more daily.

Change it up…

Flavored waters are simple to make and so refreshing!

Just because your body requires 8-12 or 13 glasses of water daily it does not mean you cannot be creative with the flavors. Neither is there a need to turn to sugar-laden, artificial choices when all you need is some simple herbs, spices and fruit to infuse your water with healthy, natural flavors. An additional benefit will be the added nutrients and health benefits they bring to the party.

There are so many ways you can change the flavor of your water using natures natural flavors, you’ll never be bored with the taste.

Try adding fresh squeezed lemon juice (or limes) to your warm or room temperature water. Some cultures enjoy warm lemon water each morning because it aids digestion, flushes toxins and helps the bowels flush waste quickly and efficiently keeping constipation at bay. Additionally, the vitamin C provided by the lemons also give the immune system a healthy boost for the day, kills off offensive bacteria lurking in the mouth helping to freshen your breath. It helps the body maintain healthy pH levels, aids digestive juices, fights against eye problems, reduces inflammation in joints and knees and even helps to cure the common cold.

Mint is another popular flavored water choice along with strawberry (any berry of choice…blackberries are a good choice also), cucumber, orange and watermelon. Mix a few of those together with some herbs like basil, ginger or mint for flavor variety and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few of your own.

Fresh is always best, however, you can use frozen fruits and veggies as well. Simply marinate your chosen flavor combinations overnight and fill your water bottles the following day. Try different combinations and don’t be afraid to get the family involved in creating their favorite flavors.

Try adding warm flavored lemon water to your morning routine and start enjoying the immediate health benefits it provides and the positive long-term healing effects it provides. (Always make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking any type of citrus juice because of the contact it has with the enamel on your teeth.)

After a strenuous workout session enjoying water with fresh squeezed lemon juice also helps to replenish important body salts.

The many benefits of drinking plenty of water or flavored water have only been mildly tapped but the truth is, water is essential and you need to make sure you get your quota daily.

Water is just one piece of the health puzzle. If you’re looking for recipes that promote health and eliminate gluten, sugar and unhealthy fats, check out “Blended Bites” where you’ll find an assortment of raw sweet snack and treat recipes sure to delight your whole family some that use veggies as the star ingredient!