No matter what our passions and goals might be, the world is abound with unlimited opportunities to reach those goals, to be successful, realize our passions and fulfill our dreams.

Success or failure achieving these things depends on the choices we make along the way and the choices we make depend on our perceptions.

Whether your goals are fitness related, health related, relationship or business related, if you find that you continually fall short of reaching them, you are likely creating direct “energy challenges” with the thoughts you are thinking, the words you are speaking or the actions you are taking.

What is an energy challenge and how are they created?

Anytime you say one thing and do another, you’ve set up an energy challenge. Anytime you think one thing but say or do another, you’ve set an energy challenge.

For example: You say you are going to start your own business, however you continue to spend most of your time creating success for someone else such as your employer or you spend your valuable energy on non-work activities. The chances of you starting your own business are slim to none.  Although your thoughts and words are positive energy moving you in the direction you desire, your actions are in direct opposition to these energies and act like a weight that prevents you from achieving them.

Additionally, acting towards your goals with a mind filled with negative self-talk creates restrictions that set up barriers to your success.

Similarly, if you are trying to build a positive self-image through healthy, internal self-talk, but allow the negative thoughts of others to color your perceptions, you’ve set up another energy challenge – an internal “tug of war.”

To stop this destructive tug of war, you must consciously eliminate all self-destructive beliefs, free yourself of defeating negative self-talk and create new channels of positive and supportive self-talk.

You must continually be on alert to ensure that all your thoughts, words and actions are aligned and working towards the positive. If not, consciously realign them so that all three levels of energy – your thoughts, words and actions are moving in the same direction towards your desires and goals.

Develop your success muscle…

Those that have not previously experienced a great deal of success, have their energy switches set on low. Because of this, positive thoughts may seem foreign to their conditioning or thought/habit patterns. They do not think of success, speak of success nor do they take correct actions towards success. Therefore, they will do not experience success.

You simply cannot experience what your beliefs are working against because the power lies in your beliefs! It is the first rung on the ladder of creation.

Even if your energy switch for thoughts and words increases but your energy of action is low, your state of success will remain low.

On the other hand, those that consistently experience success have all energy switches on high. All thoughts, words and actions are positively aligned and working towards success.

It can be tough to rid yourself of your negative Nellie buddies. After all, they’ve been with you a long time. Try thinking of success as a muscle that is part of you – one that you have not consistently used before. All muscles, with the correct use, can be built up to be stronger than they were before. With consistent action and regular practice, you will reap the rewards you are after.

Without a strong success muscle, managing any type of challenge or obstacle, or reaching any goals (no matter how lofty they are) can be difficult at best. However, for those that develop a powerful, fully utilized success muscle, managing those challenging times becomes much easier. As they set goals and reach them new, grander, opportunities are revealed, boosting and keeping their momentum going.

Those who live life on purpose have a strong desire to live their passions and it plays out as they use their “success muscle” to reach their goals, realize their dreams and bring their passions to life. They are securely on the path to success.

Haven’t discovered your passions yet? No problem. Simply think about what you love to do.

What gives you the most pleasure? At what times are you the happiest, most peaceful and satisfied? Find the answers to those questions and you’ve found your true passions.

No matter what our passions and goals are, no matter what methods we use to achieve them, one thing remains the same for all of us – our positive thoughts, emotions, words and actions are the “success muscle” that gets us there.

In the end, one thing remains the same for all of us – our mindset is leading the way so its mindset that needs addressing first.

It’s time to take command of your life…emotionally, physically and mentally.

Reclaim Your Longevity can help you do just that…

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