Sometimes in life we swing the pendulum wildly from one course of action to the other. Such is the case with our relationship with the sun.

For many, the sun has become the bad guy. They’ve been told their whole lives to cover up and not allow their skin exposure to the sun for fear of skin cancer as a result of ultra-violet radiation. Their belief now is distorted. They see the sun as an enemy…something to be avoided at all costs…something harmful.

What was once a beautiful appreciation for the sun has turned into fear of these life giving and maintaining light rays.

But a very, very important component to sunlight has been overlooked in this over-zealous activity of bashing our source of light and life. That important component is vitamin D. The old, worn out advice that steared us clear of any sun rays, is now being updated to reflect the need the human body has for this very valuable vitamin. The sun is finally getting the credit it is due.

Vitamin D –

Vitamin D is recognized worldwide as the sunshine vitamin so you would not expect a vitamin D deficiency epidemic but that’s exactly what there is.

There is a large, growing list of diseases related to the deficiency of vitamin D in the diet. Bone diseases such as rickets, osteopenia and osteoporosis are all caused by vitmain D deficiency. Heart disease, breast cancer as well as other cancers like prostate and colon can also be caused by a deficiency of this important sun vitamin.

And the benefits of this “light-filled vitamin” don’t stop there. Vitamin D protects us against depression and overactive immune systems. Those suffering from insomnia/trouble sleeping reap positve health benefits as well.

Rickets –

One of Vitamin D’s star roles is to keep bones healthy by increasing their absorption of calcium. This lack is called rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

For the most part these diseases are now rare in the US, however there is another bone disease on the rise, osteoporosis. This is the debilitaing bone disease that leads to spinal deformities and bone fractures.

Without the proper amount of vitamin D the intestines cannot effectively and efficiently absorb the needed calcium. As bone calcium density falls to dangerous levels, bones become weak and are prone to fractures.

But those issues are minor ones when you compare them to cancer.

Vitamin D and Cancer –

Vitamin D is used to help regulate and maintain a healthy immune system, contributing to the normal growth and maturation of cells.

Vitamin D is an essential ally in the battle against cancer and low levels can increase the risk of developing the dreaded disease of cancer.

There is growing evidence that three-fourths of cancer patients suffer from vitamin D deficiency and that the lowest levels are found in those with advanced cancers.

You can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure. To maintain healthy levels, go outdoors with 40-50 percent of skin exposed and get 20-30 minutes of direct sun each day whenever possible. Avoid the hottest times of day by going out early or late afternoon. As long as the sun is hitting your skin, you will benefit, it doesn’t need to be blazing hot.

For those living in areas that are a challenge due to weather, geography or other constraints, consider a vitamin D3 supplement.

Truth –

We must get over our fear of the sun. There are more lives lost to diseases every year caused by a lack of sunlight than were caused by too much sunlight.

Vitamin D is essential to our health and the sun is our primary and best source to increase or maintain our vitamin D.  We cannot be healthy without proper levels.

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