At some time back in our history, wrinkles were considered a good thing as they showed you were mature, wise and experienced in many life skills. However our culture today sees wrinkles in a completely different light. So different in fact that we do whatever we can to rid ourselves of them and any other signs of aging. We want to maintain our youth for as long as possible and if we can grab some of it back even better.

That is one of the many reasons people are beginning to realize that the number one way to achieve this and stay and look younger is with proper exercise and a healthier diet. And with all this effort going into keeping our body youthful and trim is makes sense that we would expect our face to look youthful as well.

As we hit our 30’s and beyond the proteins that provide our skin with elasticity and firmness slow down and cells in and under our skin become less active and virtually “go to sleep”.  Our skin becomes dryer, looser, less supple and begins to show signs of wrinkling and sagging.

The initial physical sign of aging occurs somewhere around age 30 and is the loss of muscle tissue. This will continue on a gradual decline as the years pass if steps are not taken to delay or prevent this loss. This loss will be felt as tasks and activities begin to become more difficult to execute. There can be little variance in body weight or size as accumulated body fat covers and hides the areas of muscle loss.

The second physical indicator of the aging process is this rise in body fat and it’s associated health risks. The third major indicator is around 1 percent bone loss annually. Weak, flabby muscles no longer put enough stress on the bones they are attached to so the body has no reason to maintain the skeleton’s strength. Bones reduce and become weaker, more permeable, lighter and at a larger risk of fracture.

These three conditions, muscle tissue loss, bone loss and body fat expansion interact to propel you rapidly down the spiral of accelerated aging. The metabolic rate falls and your fat burning capabilities take a dive and energy levels decline.
Depressed Overweight Woman
Things start to hurt from the shortage of muscle supporting and safeguarding joints and bones and the immune system becomes weak causing one to be at a greater risk of contracting a deadly disease or illness.

You can see how difficult it would be to keep appearing youthful on the outside with all this occurring on the inside. Genuine youthfulness can only be obtained when muscles are kept robust, sturdy and toned as there is no other way to accomplish a firm, lean, shapely body without good muscle tone.

Forget the expensive procedures; begin a strength training exercise program that will rejuvenate all of your body cells slowing the ageing process both on the inside and the outside. Don’t anticipate significant anti aging changes from cardio type exercise eg walking, swimming etc, only strength training exercise will do the job.

This solution to keeping you looking youthful is better than any surgery, pill, procedure or treatment and will keep your muscles and bones strong, maintain your body weight, your energy levels high, your metabolism motoring and will disease proof your body.


Generally when we think of exercise we get pictures of toned muscles, firm thighs and weight loss. We usually do not consider that exercise has many anti-aging benefits for our facial skin as well but it does play a large role in how youthful and healthy your skin appears.

We have known for decades of the many health benefits of a proper strength training program but we generally do not realize that it also has beneficial effects on our largest organ –our skin which includes the face as well. Firming and toning the muscles under previously saggy and loose skin will always create a tighter more toned appearance.

Every time you do a strengthening exercise you are not only working the target muscle group every other muscle is bracing against the resistance to keep you in position while you do it. Even the muscles in your face contract to help hold your body stable. This effectively tones those muscles as well so each time you workout your facial muscles workout as well.

You are in effect giving yourself a mini face lift firming and toning those muscles which lift tighten and pull taut the skin that those muscles are attached to. A two for one deal – smoothing out your wrinkles so they become less obvious and slowing the rate your skin is aging. And of course when you do your workout you are stimulating circulation which enhances the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells making them healthier.

When you work your body muscles there is also another benefit and that is detoxification forcing out potentially destructive poisons from the chemicals all around us in our modern world that find their way into our bodies and into our cells. As the cells are cleansed they become more active and “alive” and are able to do their job better – making you look more vibrant and youthful.


The earlier you get started with your exercise program the better you are able to fight and prepare for the aging process ahead. Although your skin will continue to age you can do much to keep it young – from the inside where it really counts.

We all know the health benefits of proper exercise – it makes you stronger, fitter and more flexible improving strength, endurance, stamina, balance and energy. So, no matter how old you are or look proper exercise will knock off years and make you younger – period.

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