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Trying to lose excess weight/fat but struggling to find the “working formula?” Long term success managing your weight starts with the right approach. Your goal should be to lose body fat without losing muscle tissue or sacrificing your health in the process.

There are a few dynamic principles that you’ll need to adhere to in order to shed fat from your body and keep it off. This condensed set of principles to fat loss will change your approach to eating, one meal at a time and open your eyes to the importance of proper exercise.

Incorporate all of these ideas and eventually you will attain your desired body weight goal, keep it off, and reap the health benefits for life.

Key Weight/fat loss principles:

Your metabolic rate is not cast in stone.

Regardless of your baseline rate, you can choose to elevate your metabolism by taking the appropriate actions and thereby increase the rate at which you burn fat.

Muscle cells burn fat continuously whereas fat cells merely store fat.

When you incorporate strength training into your exercise habit you build muscle tissue and thereby increase your base metabolic rate. More muscle means less fat in the long term. If you don’t incorporate strength training exercise into your weight loss program, you’ll unfortunately experience disappointing results. The key is to burn off body fat not starve it off. Strength training is without doubt, the single most important tool in the fight against excess body fat and being overweight.

Processed foods contain toxins that interfere with your body’s metabolic rate.

One side effect is that your body will try to lock away excess toxins in body fat. Until you cleanse the toxins from your body, the fat will be difficult at best to remove.

To give your body a chance to clean itself of toxins you need to eat clean food.

This means avoiding processed, chemically laden food choices as much as possible and replacing them with foods that can be placed on your plate in their natural state or close to it – i.e. favor the raw apple over apple juice or baked apple pie.

In order to lose weight your daily calories intake needs to be short by 100 – 200 calories.

In order to maintain that deficiency you will need to learn about food portioning – at least initially.

Key Points to Remember

Two key points to remember are:

Lots of muscle activity through strength training exercise and lots of good food, not calorie deficiency has the far greater power to get you lean and healthy for life.

Exercising without maintaining a balanced diet is just as harmful as dieting while remaining inactive.

You must get your metabolism burning hot and keep it cranking if you want to lose weight/fat and keep it off.


This is the only way to guarantee sustained, permanent, long term weight/fat loss. You cannot do this by missing meals and workouts. Combine this with clean eating that supports your strength training exercise program and you’ll have the strength and energy to make the necessary changes to your body and metabolism.

Once you dump off the excess body fat, the lean muscle underneath your skin will be more visible making you look firm well-toned, lean and healthy.

Keep these principles in mind as you adjust your approach to preparing your daily meals and your desired level of fat loss is guaranteed.

If you truly want to take command of your lifeand  take that excess weight/fat off permanently, your muscles need to be in tip-top condition …strong and toned at all times. and your diet must “clean” in order to support your strength training.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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