From the smallest physical movement such as standing up to mentally setting new goals, intention is what gets the job done.

Everything that occurs in life begins with “intention.”


Whether our dreams are personal, business, financial, relationship or spiritually inclined, intentions are the creative force behind their fulfillment. Intentions are heart revealing wishes expressing our deepest desires and must be planted in our consciousness to grow, flourish and bloom when the season is right.


Good intentions are fundamental. Having positive ones boosts our adrenaline and vitality.

However, intentions are only as good as the action steps that follow.

When the “season is right,” action is what brings intentions to life. It is the bridge we build between our intentions and actions that achieve our goals.

For example:

How many times have we “intended” to begin exercising tomorrow morning, but failed to show up? How many times have we “intended” to stick to a healthy eating plan and take off that excess weight we’ve been toting around but failed to even begin?


Following through with our initial intentions with action steps, what we intend to do is the real challenge and test of any resolve, not the initial desire.

It’s the single thing that separates winners from losers and what’s required of us if we want to experience success. No matter how many promises we’ve made ourselves, or how many tines we’ve psyched ourselve up, without action, out intentions remain just that – intentions that live in the intangible world.


Intentions of themselves, have no power in the physical realm, but actions do.  What we do is way more powerful than what we “intend to do.” We can say we are going to do something, we can intend to do it, but until we actually do it, it doesn’t get done!

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

What we plan to do holds no weight. No one sees our plans or  intentions, but they do see our behavior. Behavior is the real lens of our life.

We are judged on our actions and our behavior, not our intentions!
We can never help anyone, including ourselves if our intentions, desires, dreams and visions are not backed by solid actions.

Furthermore, when we express our intentions as commitments to others and don’t follow through with action towards getting it done, we lose valuable credibility – we erode the trust and confidence that has been placed in us by others and will have to earn this trust back again.

Wanna be’s are dreamers, not doer’s
What we are, what we think we are and what others think we are, are all perceptions. However, the only one that matters is “what we are.” Action steps reveal “what we are,” they separate the successful person from the “wanna be.”

Wishing, hoping, dreaming, imagining, are all valid and honorable feelings. They begin the act of creation and manifestation in the physical realm, but they don’t yet live in the physical realm. They live in the mind and are not yet empowered with life. To bring them to life, they must be accompanied with movement – with action steps that breathe life into them.


So, what stops most people from acting? What separates the doers from the dreamers?

Fear, worry and uncertainty.
Old sub-conscious files created out of these negative perceptions direct our current feelings. Fear, worry, and uncertainty are tyrants – real enemies and mental monsters that scare us out of action.

Paradoxically the only antidote to fear is action. Action is what overrides any “fear-files” or files of failure that are sub-consciously controlling us and keeping us inactive. Action supplies the positive energy empowered to wash out and overcome these negative feelings by replacing them with positive actions.


Success is personal

It is not a product of genetics, but rather a product of persistent, consistent action. We can have the most creative imagination and some of the best ideas in the world, but without action, we won’t achieve a thing.


There’s a powerful law that says, “a body at rest tends to remain at rest or a body in motion tends to remain in motion.” Just the tiniest of actions can set in motion a series of awesome positive effects that catapult us towards our goal.


Successful people know this. They do not entertain fear or worry; nor do they empower it with inaction – they move past it with action.

We must honor and empower our your heart-felt wishes, our deepest desires and dreams by taking action, making our intentions count.

Life has never been about just “letting it happen.” Life is about setting goals, “taking action” and making it happen!

Whether our goals fall into the business, personal, relationship, or health and fitness arena doesn’t matter.

It’s time to bring them to life by taking action…

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