The Importance Of Groups For Fitness Goals

If there was a way to double your probabilities for success with fitness goals, would you like to hear more? How about a way to make it more fun? Something that that automatically makes space and time in your rushed schedule for taking time for yourself? A great way to help you get motivated and stick to a goal?

It might all sound too good to be true, but lots of fitness seekers have discovered that the correct support and comradery can do all that and more.

A group of like-minded people provide a potent combination of support, accountability, motivation and, in a few cases, healthy rivalry. Finding the right people (people with the same goals) dramatically boosts your chances of success. Having support can motivate you to stick to the plan, continue if you feel like you have simply had enough and would like to throw in the towel, or when you’re feeling like it won’t work. One terrific way to accomplish that today is with an online group.

We need support from others. It is a primal instinct. We’re social animals so we look for positive reinforcement from others, particularly if we’re doing something new or if it’s perceived difficult.

One study determined that the habits of individuals you associate with have a positive influence on your habits.

Ready to use this amazing tool? Excellent! However before you jump into anything, bear in mind that not all groups are created equal.

When you get into a group that doesn’t share a similar commitment to health and fitness, it may be a distraction or even a hindrance.

Everyone in the group doesn’t have to be your best buddy, but you’d like the atmosphere to urge you to not want to disappoint. When you feel that you have a responsibility and commitment towards a group you’re more likely to go through with that commitment and achieve your goals as well.

 Using Groups For Health And Fitness1Here are some benefits of online fitness groups.

They can include friends or colleagues, who have the same fitness goals.

Online groups are good for: Those who don’t like gyms and fitness classes they have to attend alone, or who tend to be a bit more shy. They are effective for those centered on specific, shared or complementary goals. Ideal for people who would like to begin a healthier lifestyle and be more active. Likewise great for coworkers or stay-at-home parents.

Finding time for oneself that works around your job or the children’s’ schedules can be tough. So it makes sense to belong to a group and even an online group. Have coworkers, family or friends join you for fun and support.

Having a reliable format with supportive people boosts your chances of following through with your goals. It can be difficult to push yourself on your own. A group situation can provide some healthy rivalry and keep you on track for the goal you are trying to accomplish.

And, there’s an immense emotional benefit. When trying to reach a fitness goal, you can find yourself connecting with other people more intimately than you might if you were just interacting with people in a less structured way. Supportive fitness partners not only get us through a challenging time, but may help us through struggles we have in life too.

A small online group of people whose fitness goals are in basically the same place can be good for people who like to combine social time with fitness goals; coworkers, students or parents who have a hard time carving out time for themselves, or any group of fitness-minded friends. Likewise they can be great for individuals who like the interaction of a group however might not want to participate in a fitness class.

Whether you’re training for a huge competition or simply just starting out building a healthier lifestyle, there’s a solid motivation in the feeling that it’s “all for one, one for all”. Participating in a group boosts the need to sustain good health and fitness and healthy living and promotes a sense of community.

When you’re feeling like giving up, you are able to find a bit of empathy or encouragement from other group members to pull you through. A group supplies support, help with problem solving, or gentle reminders and holds people accountable if a person is drifting from their goals. The group likewise acts as a safety net; if one individual leaves, there are other people who will still be there.

How to Be Great In An Online Fitness Group

Have fun, help others and help yourself with thoughtful acts of support like these:

  • Stay in touch. Send messages or put up encouraging posts.
  • Make sure to show up. Always.
  • Push others (kindly and positively), then reward the efforts with praise.
  • Propose new ideas to keep things fun and help to prevent others from giving up.
  • Remind others of their goals and encourage them when things get tough.
  • Keep tabs on one another if you notice someone missing. It will make it easier to get back on track.
  • Be available to discuss topics other than fitness. The more you connect with others as a person, the stronger your bond will be. But don’t take to heart any negative talk that might happen. It will sap your energy.
  • Be flexible, go with the flow, have fun and you will succeed.

Now that you understand the benefits and how to thrive in a group for your fitness goals, particularly an online group, you can get started with my very own group… The 7 Day Healthy Living Challenge.

Join us to connect with like-minded people, for support, fun and for a better chance at achieving your fitness goals.

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