Health and fitness is not an “ones size fits all world.”  It’s more of a “what feels good” to you world.

In truth, it is way too easy to get excited over the fitness and weight loss results someone else experiences and jump on any old bandwagon. And, that’s OK, for the moment.  However, just because something works for one person does not mean it is the ideal thing for you personally. This “blind” approach to health and fitness, without any thought towards our own feelings and results too often leads to disappointment, frustration, failure and defeat as we try and emulate feelings and results that another is experiencing rather than searching out what works for us.

If we truly want to experience lasting success with our health and fitness goals, we must get in touch with ourselves and identify with our own personal needs and work to fulfill them. That’s the key that opens the door to lasting results – there is no other way.

We must get intuitively in touch with our body and it’s messages…and the first gauge to pay attention to is feelings.


Find your niche –

health2Get in touch with what your body loves. Your feelings are a voice.

If, after giving something a “fair shake,” you still struggle to get the job done and it continues to play out this way over and over, if it doesn’t excite you, then honor those feelings and move onto something that does. That’s the only thing that will work. However, be sure to be honest and fair and give yourself more than one shot at any new routine or shift in diet before examining your feelings and results.

If it is not working for you, your body will tell you, if you are listening and paying attention. In that case, there will come a time that you need to move on…

Lasting success requires continuous motivation – it is the driving force. But motivation relies on excitement to activate it. Excitement gets our adrenaline pumping (anything from scary to joyful) and that in turn motivates us into action. 

That’s what makes our bodies hum and purr at peak performance. It’s what stimulates “self-healing.” It’s what makes us feel good. Those things can only occur when we are honoring our own identity and being authentic to ourselves rather than trying to be and copy what works for another. That path only leads into battle. We cannot get excited about something we dread or hate doing.

Hate kale? Then leave it alone and choose the greens that tantalize your taste buds. The choices are many.

Hate a specific type of exercise? Then shift gears onto another path. Even strength training, the exercise that works wonders, offers a variety of choices. Truth is, the journey to fitness has endless paths subject only to your imagination and willingness to experiment. Pay attention to your own personal results. Those along with your feelings are your gauges and markers for what works and what doesn’t.

Finding what works for you in any endeavor is the only path to lasting success. Every other road is just a distraction, a temporary side-path that leads nowhere permanent. Of course, especially when beginning, we all travel down many side-paths. They are all learning experiences that allow us to catalog in our mind what feels good and works well and produces positive results and what doesn’t. Soon we’re able to eliminate food choices and exercises that are not a “great fit”for us personally and replace them with our own personal agenda. This authentic alignment with ourselves is what empowers us.


Don’t be a martyr –

Sticking with any type diet or fitness program that doesn’t excite us is like living in a kind of self-imposed world of health and fitness hell, – a sort of “punishment.” Rather than stroking the flame of love, anticipation, and excitement – the tools needed to stimulate motivation and action, it only stirs the pot of resentment within.  Eventually the towel gets tossed in – literally, because, as humans we are programmed to seek excitement, comfort, security and love and if we are not receiving those things, we eventually move on and seek them elsewhere.

Aligning your actions with your “feel-good” frequencies makes things enjoyable and satisfying. Not to be confused with easy though. For example, what works for you, might be a very tough strength-training exercise, one that challenges you every time you perform. But it also makes you feel good and gets you excited and your adrenaline pumping. You see and feel great results and that’s all that matters. Anything short of that is trying to live a projection of what works for another, not what works for you.

Honor yourself – be yourself and watch your path become crystal clear as your vitality explodes and your self-healing comes alive from all the self-love you’ve projected into it. 

Exercise program is not an option so much as it is a necessity of life.

If you truly want to take command of your life and avoid disease somewhere down the road – your muscles need to be in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times – starting now.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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Isn’t it time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to stay healthy and fit long into your senior years?

Begin your journey today. It’s all there for you – just reach out, take it and make it yours.