How do you push yourself to the gym after that initial enthusiasm, that initial excitement, has worn off? 

Nearly everyone has started a fitness program at some point in their life. Unfortunately, nearly everyone quits later on as well. So, what’s the issue, why don’t we finish what we start?

Let’s face it, this modern world can be demanding on our time and there is a myriad of distractions that attempt to derail us daily. Personal and family emergencies, illness, work responsibilities, change of schedule/vacation time or physical injuries can all derail us. Even simple added tasks can throw our day off and eliminate our workout. How about those times when we aren’t feeling our best and just want to rest or watch T.V.? Unfortunately, this simple act of missing a workout can have devastating effects on our motivation levels and the momentum we’ve been riding up to this point.

Motivate Yourself to Workout:

Celebrate all your fitness accomplishments: Positive reinforcement is so important, especially early on.  Every accomplishment counts and needs recognition. Also, be aware that every week will be different and produce different results. Look for the positive side to everything (there is a silver lining) and pat yourself the back when earned.

It’s the little accomplishments that continually happen in the moment that count. They all add up to the “big result.”

Adopt Accountability: Accountability is a powerful motivating tool. Bring on a partner or two. Allowing others in on your workout plan will help you follow through. Ultimately, you must be the one that takes responsibility for your actions, but it never hurts to get a little “push” along the way. Seek out friends and family and get them involved in helping you stay on track.

Exercise and Train the Mind: The mind is an amazing and powerful tool that can be trained to serve you. But, just like training a wild horse, you must take control and empower yourself. Learn how your internal voice speaks with you. Adopt different forms of connecting internally; yoga, meditation of all sorts, mantras, affirmations – they all work to help keep your mind focused and working for you.

Create a Journal: You want to stay consciously focused in the moment when working to accomplish your goals and writing them down, in the beginning, is a powerful exercise. Use quotes, images, affirmations, lyrics…anything that will support you or that you resonate with on your journey. Whenever you feel a weak moment you can revisit your journal for inspiration and motivation. Your notes will be a transparent reminder of why you began your journey in the first place.

Seek out Professional Help: There is no better motivator than your own personal trainer. Just like looking for a doctor that is the right fit for you professional fitness trainers come in all shapes and sizes. Try out different ones if needed until you find one that is a good fit for you. Look for someone that will continually challenge you, relates to your personal fitness needs, gets your engine revving and keeps it running.

Have fun!: Exercise does not have to be boring! Just because it is healthy for you doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! If you are not having fun doing what you are doing then you won’t stay with it. Ultimately, you want to choose activities that appeal to you so that getting to the gym or up for your fitness routine won’t be like entering a war.

Exercising regularly not only improves the quality of your life now but is empowered to extend your lifespan! How powerful is that?

There are no rules for motivation and perseverance whether in the gym or accomplishing something else in life. The key is to find out what works for you, what gets you moving, what kicks you into action and what tools keep you focused and on track and use it.

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