Humans are designed to compete. It’s our nature since competing for survival is our first basic instinct.

A healthy competitive instinct and drive is what pushes us out of our comfort zones so we can experience the most growth professionally and personally. It is a must when it comes to financial and career success.

Definition of competitive spirit:

drive to win; desire to succeed and be the best.

Some people seem to be more naturally competitive than others. They tend to push themselves harder and excel more compared to the average individual. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with this same kind of “drive.” If you happen to fall into that category, don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Competitiveness can be developed quite easily and a proper workout program is an invaluable tool towards that end.

Fitness Training –

Intense competitive spirit can developed through regular fitness training. Fitness success is all about progressive overload, meaning you did more than you did last time. That means, with a proper workout program in place, you’ll be consistently pushing your limits – trying to “one-up” yourself from the last workout. You have built in competition.

You’ll constantly be beating your last record and pushing yourself harder.

So, essentially, in order to continue making progress, fitness teaches you how to have a healthy competitive drive.

Workout partner –

There’s nothing better than competing with someone (if they are of similar skill level – pick someone that presents a challenge, someone you cannot readily beat) while you are working out. Having a workout partner is always recommended and helps to increase your competitive drive. It brings out your most competitive instincts, making you work harder than you ever had in the past. Whether you win or lose, just getting those competitive juices flowing breeds health in body, mind and spirit.

According to David Shields, PhD, professor of educational psychology at St. Louis Community College – Meramec, “true competition is a kind of partnership in which opponents push each other to achieve excellence.”

You’ll experience a natural “high” every time you beat your last personal best, or overcome your workout partner and lift heavier weight. This is the natural “high” we all get when we experience success and our competitive instincts are satisfied leaving us feeling fantastic.

You can boost your competitive spirit even quicker by injecting an element of competition into each workout you perform whether by yourself, with a partner or in a group.

This naturally “competitive inner drive/spirit” that you’ve challenged yourself to develop at the gym, doesn’t stay at the gym. Once you get used to this “energized” feeling, you’ll find that you’re more likely to crave it in other areas of your life as well, leading to success in those too.

A strong competitive spirit is what gets you what you want in life – the body, the job, the money, whatever it is, your competitive spirit is what gets you there. So, what are you waiting for? 

Getting your competitive juices flowing is just a “workout away.”

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