How important is it to be happy?

What role does happiness play in our lives?

Let’s begin with a simple smile. How often has a genuine smile from someone else been empowered to shift your mood? It’s hard to stay mad or unhappy when love touches you through a smile, no matter where it comes from. Usually a smile given turns into a smile returned. And, that returned smile instantly makes your whole being feel better. When you feel better, your body responds with health.

Without a doubt, studies prove that feeling good and health are directly related. In other words, you cannot have one without the other. Ever seen a healthy, consistently negative, sad, and mad person? You never will. One who lives those emotions has opened the door to disease, discomfort and depression. Healthy will never take residence there.

Health belongs to happiness and that means happy people are healthier people. Studies support these findings. It seems that children who enjoyed a happy childhood that embraced and nurtured positive outlooks, are likely to experience better health as an adult. 

Unhappy people put their minds into a state of weakness. They are much more likely to indulge in junk food or even alcohol in search of something to make them feel better/happier. But true happiness can never be found without in any object.

Happiness Rewards –

Happiness is empowered to strengthen the immune system.  A strong immune system is the key to staying healthy. Studies done reveal that volunteers exhibiting positive vibes were less likely to get ill after being exposed to cold and flu virus’s. They were not only less likely to get ill, but they even escaped with less symptoms. In other words, being exposed to a germ is not what dictates whether or not our bodies are attacked with that germ. Our mental and emotional states of positive/happy emotions or negative/unhappy ones is the real “gate keeper.”

Result: Happier people get sick less often.

Positive emotions and a happy countenance also boost the immune response. In another study, optimistic older adults experienced a 77% lowered risk of heart disease than their pessimistic counterparts. Who knew that simply seeing the “glass half full as opposed to half-empty” or just looking on the brighter side of life can literally help us to prevent heart attacks!

Result: We heal, recover and get well much quicker!

Happiness impacts the level of physical pain we experience. In other words, happy feelings and uplifted emotions are empowered to lower pain levels.

Result: Happier, more content lives even for those experiencing chronically painful diseases.

Happiness adds years to our lives. Studies done in Britain over a 5 year period prove that “happier people were 35% less likely to die.”

Result: Happiness is the tonic that helps us all live longer.

Happiness improves the quality of our sleep.

Result: the quality of our sleep and the amount we get has a huge impact on our over-all well-being.

Lowers Inflammation (inflammation opens the door to disease). We all know that changing our diet can lower inflammation levels. But, happiness plays a vital role too.

Result: Positive moods and attitudes can help prevent inflammation/disease.

A little improvement goes a long way!

It does not take much to shift and cultivate more happiness but the rewards of a stronger immune system, longer years and energized days are life changing. When you pursue a higher level of health you also build a higher level of joy in your life. And a joyful life supports good health. They go together hand in hand.

Begin by focusing on simple exercises such as expressing gratitude. This helps improve stress levels and as a result our level of happiness increases. It’s almost as though every negative emotion, feeling or attitude we dump makes way for us to be filled with the magic elixir of happiness!

Find your purpose. Happiness is not elusive. It is the natural result of enjoying and participating in activities that bring us a sense of purpose and offer real meaning to our lives. It’s also important to take time daily to nurture our personal relationships and enjoy simple pleasures with those we love. 

Happiness is about experiencing joy.Being joyful is about inspiration, passion, motivation and zest for life and living.  It’s the kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what is happening around you. When we are joyful, our whole body and brain benefits protecting us from serious health conditions that are rampant in our busy, stressful world.

Avoiding risky, destructive behaviors, embracing healthy habits and nurturing a strong sense of enthusiasm, optimism and hopefulness (emotional well-being) goes a long way towards living a long, happy, healthy life.

When we feel happy and content we are much more likely to treat our bodies with the respect they deserve. Healthy habits such as exercise become a favorite activity and as a result, our bodies are automatically gifted with other health benefits as well.

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