Our creator is not in the game of teasing us with empowering dreams and visions only to deny us their pleasure.

There is only one person we can look to for that honor…that person is us. We are the only ones that get in the way of achieving our highest goals and ideals. We are the ones that deny ourselves. No one, and nothing else is empowered to do that.

Limitations have never been placed on us…we have limited ourselves by accepting limitation.

Success is something that belongs to every one of us. It is a latent power within that is waiting for our acceptance once we are able to move past the excuses and limitations we’ve so creatively put into place that prevent us from experiencing it.

Before we achieve success with any endeavor, including our health and fitness, we need to identify the thought processes and beliefs that loom behind our excuses. This takes brutal honesty. Not especially easy…but mandatory to success.

This means spending quality time observing your inner self and the dialogue that goes on in your head because that is what is dictating and directing your life.

Rather than giving in to whatever thoughts filter through your mind, stealing away your time…stop and face these demons – for that’s what they are. See them for what they are, the very things that are standing in your way and blocking success from reaching you.

For example: when it’s time to work-out but you can’t seem to find the “muster” to get up and do it…stop and mentally review your thoughts. What are you thinking that is preventing you? What phrases/excuses are automatically replaying in the moment that are allowing you to skip your exercise session?

When you eat foods you know are not healthy – foods that move you away from your goals, examine your thought processes. What are they convincing you of?

You can’t change what you are not aware of. In order to understand how you operate, you must be paying attention. This activity has been practiced for eons of time, but more recently was graced with the title “mindfulness.”

As you become acquainted with yourself and your automatic excuses, you’ll find some are very transparent and will be easy to identify. Pointing the finger out and placing blame for your current conditions outside of yourself is one of those.

When you point the finger to causes outside of yourself, you are empowering these things with your power! You are giving your power away!

In your heart you know that does not makes sense and that you alone are in control of how you operate your life and responsible for your actions.

Other excuses can be extremely subtle and you may have to look a bit deeper to see them for what the causes really are. They could be psychological issues that control your thinking along with your actions. Ideas such as “my motivation has disappeared” or “I don’t have strong enough will power” will kill any type of activity associated with them.

Once you become acquainted with your “mind issues/automatic excuses” you can begin to heal and remove them. They are really just stories you tell yourself and buy into when you don’t want to do something anyway. Or possibly a denial of some kind you fall back when you don’t know how to do what you should be doing.

The Power of the Written Word

You cannot move forward without first accepting within yourself your excuses (you must move out of denial) so that you can address them face-to-face. One of the best ways to identify these sabotaging thoughts is to write down each and every excuse you can think of (or that surfaces throughout your day) that is convincing you in any way that your dreams are not achievable.

Learn to listen to your “self-talk”… to what you tell yourself. That’s the most authentic way to identify the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are getting in the way of your success.

Begin creating differently by telling yourself a different story…one that puts you in charge. Run a new recording in your mind and discard the old one.

For every excuse that surfaces, think of an empowering effective countermeasure such as an opposing thought (every thought has an opposing thought or it could not exist just as everything in life has it’s opposite to define it). This helps you to identify and break out of the negative patterns that are controlling you and puts you in charge.

Your Authentic Self

Get familiar with who you really are so that you can create what you want to be.

If you truly want to live a life filled with “dreams and visions come true” then it’s a combination of a shift in perceptions, your thoughts and beliefs (the programs running in your head) and a follow through with action on the physical plane.

Remember, it’s your inner thought processes that are leading the way…these must shift first and that takes brutal scrutiny and honesty of yourself. Once your inner world is correctly aligned with empowering thoughts and beliefs working towards achieving your visions, goals and dreams, carrying them out on the physical plane is a much easier task to accomplish.

It’s time to take command of your life…

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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