Side hustle sounds like some sort of shady exchange we’d encounter in a dark alley somewhere or even a dance move from a certain “swing” era.

It’s neither. In simple terms: a side hustle refers to a secondary job, one that is supplemental to a primary job. It’s not a new idea, but a rapidly growing trend. In fact, approximately 44 million Americans now make money from a separate gig along with collecting their weekly or bi-weekly primary position paycheck.

Side hustles are popular for many reasons and can be built out of hobbies, passions, projects or needs. Previous studies prove that money – or the lack thereof – is the leading cause of stress, so, improving one’s financial health is the surest way to eliminate financial stress. It’s not surprising then, that making money tops the list.

Just as we take preventive approach when caring for our physical health, caring for our financial health needs the same kind of preventive help. Good financial health is the ability to cover current expenses while still having enough money to save for unexpected future events and side hustles allow for that to happen.

This extra hit of money monthly is often used to build and supplement retirement but can be drawn on immediately to pay down debt or tend to current bills or much needed vacations. It is the cushion that allows freedom of traveling without financial stress.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a side hustle. It’s not a primary paycheck, so it’s the perfect time to pick something that you want to do, be or achieve and then actively work at it.

There are many offline income streams that have been tapped into overtime such as real estate and rental properties. Crypto currency investing is another avenue you can explore. However, many of these come with a huge learning curves attached, and others take chunk of money to get started.

Internet Advantage

This is where the internet shines. Many online side hustles are as close as a computer keyboard and operate as an online business. For example, the incredible number of Shopify stores and other ecommerce platforms continues to explode and expand. It is the perfect example and living testimony to the popularity of side hustles and online entrepreneurship working hand in hand.

It’s seems the internet is not only the perfect place to shop while cooking up a yummy meal, but because it’s scalable, it’s the ideal place to make some money as well. And, the best part about it is, you won’t get tethered to a definite location but can work from anywhere in the world that offers internet access.

On occasion, a side hustle proves so successful that a casual project or side job ends up taking on a life of its own and becomes center stage.

So, even if your revenue isn’t 100% internet based, there should be some online component to your business in order to be competitive in today’s 24/7 world.

Feel stuck and don’t know where to start? Begin by asking yourself, “With the resources I have available to me right now, what can I possibly offer to others in exchange for money?” What resources do you have close at hand? Explore your, talents, skills and superpowers honestly and when you get it narrowed down, begin searching for those looking for these types of resources. That’s your target audience.

Rather than focusing on a product or course to begin, start creating and sharing top notch information and useful content on your social media sites, your site and your blog. This will attract your target audience and allow you to convert them into loyal followers. These loyal followers are the ones that eventually become your customers when you launch your side hustle business.

Success is not a given. However, it is nearly guaranteed if you do stuff that has proven to work but be aware that it will likely not include your passion. If you want to create income from a side hustle, you need to do market research and discover niches that people are actively searching for and needing solutions to. And, then you give them what they want. If your passion is your main concern, you’ll likely end up with a hobby.

Side Hustle Ideas

Here’s some ideas to get you started with an online side hustle:

Write a book –

It’s not that hard to write a 60-80-page eBook and sell multiple copies weekly/monthly through online networking, guest positing and running a Search Engine Optimized blog. Done right, eBooks can be quite lucrative as passive income. Once written and in place, they are positioned to sell repeatedly. You can sell your eBook on Amazon or another digital site or use your own platform. Adding an audio book adds another lucrative layer. Don’t worry about having the correct audio equipment as it is easily outsourced online to the pros.

Create an Online Guide –

If you know a lot about how to fix, make or do something, you can turn this knowledge into a guide for others to read and follow. There are how to guides on everything from “meeting your perfect mate” to “tips on buying your first home” so don’t be shy. Someone might be looking for the exact knowledge or ideas you can offer.

Don’t assume that “if you write it, they will buy it” though. Spend time doing proper research. Your immediate task is to discover a strong need in the market and fill that need.

Start a Blog –

It is one of the easiest and most sustainable online income sources readily available. There are tons of things you can do once you have your own personal site set up online. The cost is minimal to get started. Choose a profitable niche and choose the right domain name and hosting account. Once you are set up, it’s all about driving traffic to your site. The more traffic that comes knocking at your door, the better chances you have of selling your product or a product as an affiliate. Either way, you earn money.

You could even combine setting up a blog/site and writing a book/guide. For example, if you are creative in the kitchen and love to cook healthy foods, you could set up a site and share your nutritional recipes and ideas as blog posts and then write a cookbook to provide more info and yummy recipes. Keep in mind that many people desert their blogs after a while, so, you can buy them ready-made and capitalize on their history with Google and still change them up and make them your own.

Affiliate Marketing –

It allows you to earn money promoting other people’s info products (audios, videos, courses, products, eBooks, meditations). Every time you sell something, you earn a commission. You can even become an affiliate for Amazon and set up a website dedicated to selling only Amazon products.

It’s best to keep your blog/site focused in a specific niche. You want your visitors to trust your opinion and that won’t happen if your site/attention is all over the place. Additionally, your affiliate links are best if represented in eBooks/reports and email autoresponders as opposed to directly on your site.

No matter your business, you need to be building a list to support it. Email list-building (gathering your targeted subscribers) is by far the best thing you can do for your business. Email list building has always been King and remains King. It’s still more effective than social media and remains a priority, one that pays off again and again. You can build your list directly from something you are offering for free on your website or giveaway and or from sales. Joining mini giveaways is an option for those who want to fast tract list building. It is, by far, the quickest and most effective list building tool available.

All these online side hustle solutions are cost effective to begin with so nearly anyone with a steadfast desire to make it online has access to the same possibilities. Their real cost lies in the patience, heart and tenacity they demand as we patiently and lovingly wait for all our hard work to bloom and blossom.

These solutions are just the short-list. You can drop-ship, coach, sell services/products and even join Amazon’s FBA program (Fulfilled by Amazon). Honestly with today’s internet so easily accessed from nearly anywhere, and the world as your marketplace, making money from a side hustle has never been so lucrative or so much fun for so many!

Although young entrepreneurs register the highest number of side hustles, middle-aged folks, as well as seniors, are enjoying the benefits of a side job as well. If you capitalize on and take advantage of the extra hours you have, consider the time spent, important me time, because it fulfills, provides for you and leaves you feeling better about yourself and your life.

Grab this free guide and learn how to turn your passion into a side hustle.

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