Every minute of everyday, life or death decisions are made terms of what you choose to put into your body and how you choose to use it.

You are the only chance your body has to remain healthy. If you don’t take responsibility and care properly for it, who will? If you want to avoid a frightening diagnosis from a doctor at some point in your life, you must be proactive and step up to the plate today. That means healthy eating and proper exercising begin now.

The realtiy is, it’s far easier to enjoy the good health you have now rather than trying to recover it after disease begins ravaging your body. You need to repeat this mantra daily to remind yourself of this important fact. Especially good to call on when unhealthy temptation wants to sabotage your mind and efforts to “do the right thing.”

Try shifting your perceptions and begin thinking of your exercise program as medicine – the kind of medicine that is both healing and preventive. The kind of self-health care that regenerates the body and mind and rekindles the spirit. The kind that adds years to life and life to years.

The sad truth is, everyone who breathes is intuitively aware that exercise is good for them but most have no idea that it’s a matter of life and death! In other words, you must do it or die!


The way you live, in terms of exercise, eating, sleep, stress management and other habits actually change the environment of your genes, and, that in turn changes what they do! In other words, you are in charge – you are the person with the biggest influence on which genes are turned on or off. In other words, genes are influenced by the environment inside your body.

Genes that can cause you to make more or less insulin, cholesterol or white blood cells and determine whether you remain slim or become overweight, stay well or give in to disease, have a shortened life or live to be a vibrant 100 plus are all influenced by your lifestyle.

Turn the wrong genes on and you’ve made yourself prone to inflammation which damages cells, tissues and organs throughout your body, hasten aging which is the gradual deterioration and degeneration of function at cellular and organ level and oxidization which is a process akin to “rusting” of the body.

You are the only one empowered to build your body into a strong, fit and healthy super-machine- one offering optimal protection against disease. By adopting healthy lifestyle habits, you give your DNA a makeover – a second chance to move our life away from the risk of disease rather than attracting it. Try and get those results from a doctor or supplement.

Bottom line is this:

Do not allow inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle to erode the health and mobility that you currently enjoy and want to keep your entire lifespan. No matter what your current age is there is no excuse for not starting an proper exercise program. The scary truth is, you will not be able to enjoy all the things you dream about and plan to do if you don’t pay attention to your health now.

Since you care more about your health than anyone else does, doesn’t it make sense that you should take control and be part of it?

The responsibility for your health and fitness falls directly on you, so don’t waste another day. You are the one that reaps the rewards and benefits from your accountability. Make exercise the only prescription you ever need to fill.

Its time to take command of your life, so you can avoid disease somewhere down the road…

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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