Testosterone is one of many hormones produced by the human body. It is the main male sex hormone and men produce much higher levels of it than women do. Estrogen is the sex hormone that is prevalent in women. Both sexes produce both hormones, but men produce more testosterone while women produce more estrogen.

Production of testosterone in men increases in puberty and, not surprisingly, decreases as the result of aging. Once the age of 30 is reached, this important male oriented hormone dips at a rate of approximately 1 percent a year.

Loss of testosterone is a serious issue. It causes significant emotional and physical changes. Since this hormone is the major hormone when it comes to maintaining a healthy sex drive and high libido, one of the biggest and scariest concerns (rightly so) for men is the chance they will suffer a serious hit to their sexual desire and performance.

Infertility, less spontaneous erections and a reduced desire for sex are all the result of compromised testosterone levels.

Testosterone contributes to an overall masculine form and is often referred to as the male hormone. It also leads to increased body hair when puberty is reached.

Physical Changes

Here’s a list of physical changes one might experience as the result of lowered testosterone levels:

increased body fat

fragile bones

compromised and loss of strength/mass of muscles

hot flashes

increased fatigue

decreased body hair

tenderness and swelling in the breast tissue

negative affects on cholesterol metabolism

Sleep is another area that is affected when this hormone takes a dip. Insomnia along with other sleep pattern changes are the result.

Unfortunately the damage done to the body by unhealthy, low levels of testosterone don’t stop at the physical level. This is the hormone that affects emotional regulation. So, when it is compromised, emotions take a roller coaster ride as well. Feelings of depression and sadness and an overall degraded sense of well-being are the result. Concentration is challenged as is memory, motivation and self-confidence for many men.

Lowered testosterone levels are not set in stone for life. This is a condition that, for the most part, can be reversed by changed lifestyle habits.

Exercise and Weight Loss

And, it begins with losing weight and exercising more.

However, not all exercise is created equal when it comes to boosting T levels. Strength training has proven to be highly beneficial when it comes to boosting T levels. 

Short term exercising and moderately prolonged exercise produce similar affects, sending T levels upward.

However, too much of a good thing, isn’t so good. It seems that vigorous cardio workouts, endurance running and other prolonged intense type exercises produce the opposite affect and can actually contribute to lowering testosterone (along with sex drive) and increased cortisol levels.

Obesity is a huge issue for those with lowered testosterone levels. So, if you’re overweight, exercise can help to increase your testosterone levels by helping you shed excess pounds.

When strength training, concentrate on full body lifting exercises such as dead lifts, squats and bench presses. You should train with weights 2-3 times weekly, allowing at least one full day of rest between sessions for muscles to repair themselves.

Research on obese men suggests that increased levels of physical activity was more beneficial towards increasing T levels than weight loss. And, it’s resistance training/weight lifting that have proven themselves to be the best type of exercise when it comes to boosting T levels both long and short-term.

You can optimize hormone levels and long-term health by focusing on whole foods along with a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

There are other ways to boost T levels but, before turning to hormone therapy (injections etc.) give a low testosterone workout a try. It might be just what the doctor ordered!

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