visualization2In this “new age” of mental abilities, it is no secret that thoughts and emotions directly affect the body.

Depending on focus and where the predominant thoughts and emotions lie, the body either reacts for the better or the worse.

In other words, the body and mind are connected and react together not separately. So, if you are feeling fear or stress of some sort…those feelings/ailment will show up in your body somewhere.

If negative thinking rules your mind through stress, fear, worry or anger, or over-excitement, these emotions…energy in motion…will hurt and adversely affect your body by releasing hormone disrupting chemicals and toxins into your blood.


Creative visualization is a powerful inner tool that can be used that can help combat destructive negative beliefs and emotions and shift lives for the better and that includes losing weight. The subconscious mind is a powerful creator and accepts and treats all conditions whether real or “imagined in.”

The goal when using visualization techniques is to present your “imaged in vision” so powerfully that your subconscious mind shapes it to look like your mental pattern/image in the outer world.

Use your visualization in positive creative ways by constructing the scene you want to see. For example, you could “image in” a slim, fit, healthy body that is out dancing and having a great time with friends. See yourself accepting compliments and admiring glances. Make this mental image as real and tangible as possible. Feel it.

Whatever beautiful images you empower your imagination with is something you can never find in any nutrition or exercise routine. These life changing tools are in your mind and if you can get your mind to align with your heart’s desires – the dreams and visions you “feel” about yourself in your heart, that’s when permanent change occurs.

As you go about practicing visualization techniques, do not allow any limitations in, that’s the old programming that you are ridding yourself of. Don’t fall prey to your limitations but rather allow “all possibilities” to fill your beliefs so you can image in what it is you want to “see” in your body, shape and world.

You can never create the new in your life by clinging to “old visions” and “beliefs” about yourself. Those are the very things preventing the “new” from appearing.

Here’s some simple steps to creating that new “you”…

Make any physical changes required to positively affect how you eat and exercise. Remember, the mind and body work together.

Stay consistent with your ideals and actions…marry your hearts visions and ideals with the actions of your healthy positive mind and body…one that no longer sees and creates the “fat unhealthy you” through distorted thinking/old programming but has replaced this vision with one of health, strength, and vigor, the new “you.”

Only accept positive feelings about you in whatever you are wrapped up in…whether that be spiritual/psychological or physical in nature or both.

Imagine your mind as the engine that is your “driving force” daily. Without a healthy engine, you won’t get very far. See yourself fueling this engine with the best available fuel (your positive thoughts and images).  Allow it to rest after a long day of traveling (a good quality night’s sleep), and keep the body it lives in strong by using it regularly the way it was designed to be used (proper exercise supporting with REAL food).

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that can be utilized to create a new healthy lifestyle and achieve goals such as losing weight.  But, the controls remain with you…you are the only one that can turn the controls in the right direction, you must know without doubt that you are worthy of these lofty health and fitness goals.

You do deserve to enjoy excellent health, clarity of mind, stable emotional health and high energy levels…all bundled into one incredible body. But you must not settle for less.

Practice using the power of imagination and visualization (without limitation) daily to create the body and lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to stay healthy and fit long into your senior years.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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